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Hector Ep1 Cutscenes Not Playing on iPhone 3G

posted by Kaboomie on - last edited - Viewed by 202 users
Hi I recently purchased Hector Episode 1 on my iPhone 3G and every time I play it the intro cutscene or any other cutscenes in the game never play. They always just show a message saying that "This movie format is not supported". Now this could just be because I'm not extremely familiar with the iPhone really but is there a way I can fix this issue instead of having to watch cutscenes on Youtube?
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  • I have the exact same problem on my Ipod tough 3G , except that once the message is displayed, it blocks the screen and refrains me from playing the game.
  • Are both of you using 8gb model iPhones/Touches? If so, those actually use 2G hardware, and won't be able to run Hector properly. You may want to contact Apple so they can issue a refund.
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