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Sam and Max - save game glitch

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I've recently been playing through my Sam and Max games, but none that i've gone through so far will save. When i attempt to save, it will make the camera sound, but the image won't appear, and i can't load it. Also, the auto save doesn't work. The "game Saved" text appears on my screen, but it doesn't really save it. So far, I've experienced this on all the season 1 games, and am unsure if saving works with seasons 2 and 3. I played the same games on the same computer about a year ago, and never had these problems. Could some one help me out?
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  • I installed 106: Bright side of the moon and it's happening to me too. I am using Windows 7 64Bit if that may help.

    I am now re-downloading the installer and will try to run it in Compatibility Mode.
  • Well, for me it was solved by running it Compatibility Mode with Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

    Try it and see if it works
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