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Broken Sword - The Director's Cut

posted by caeska on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users
I finally got around to playing the first Broken Sword game which I picked up from GoG for free a while back, and I am completely and utterly disappointed with this alleged "remake" of the brilliant game.

What they have done is actually make the game worse than the original. They have removed deaths, for starters!
There is not a single point in the game now where you can die! For example, when you're in Syria and Khan has you at gunpoint, you can no longer say the wrong option and get shot! He will automatically say the correct lines and automatically jump off the cliff without any prompting from the player. Seriously, this is an outrage! How the hell could they have done something so stupid?

There are also fewer objects to interact with overall, there are more generic responses then there were in the original and not to mention the in-game hint system that just hands you the answers.
It would have been nice if they could have done something right and make it possible for George to run, but they didn't even do that!

The extra scenes with Nico at the start were done pretty well and the additional storyline has huge potential, but it just ended abruptly and amounted to nothing, so it was actually pointless. There are just the two sessions and then the game is pretty much the same. Those didn't even add that much to the game.

No, the original Broken Sword is one of the gems of PC gaming and much, much better than this so-called Director's Cut. Fortunately I still have the original on CD, so I will be sticking to that from now on, thank you very much.
I highly recommend to anyone planning to try this game out to not bother with the Director's Cut, and instead get the original.
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  • If you like, I can get it running and just zip up the ScummVM files, so you just have to dump them into your Broken Sword directory and run a batch file or something.

    Give me a shout and I can do that for you once I get back from work.
  • Thanks for the offer, but as things stand, i don't think I'll really have an opportunity to futz with it until later next week. If I have troubles though, I will most definitely remember your offer. :D
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    Just to be absolutely clear, you guys are talking about Shadow of the Templars here?

    I'm not too familiar with Broken Sword series, and Templars is the only one I've got on GoG as many others, I guess.

    I completed quite a bit of it, but now I'm torn to download the original and start over.
  • Yeah, the Director's Cut is of the first game in the series, Shadow of the Templars.
  • Darth Marsden;554762 said:
    Yeah, the Director's Cut is of the first game in the series, Shadow of the Templars.
    The second game also has a remake, although it's referred to as a "Remastered" version, likely because no new scenes were added..

    I've actually been playing through the series again since I just got Angel of Death (4th game) when it was released on GoG. I'm currently about 3/4 the way through The Sleeping Dragon.

    Honestly, the changes between the first game and its Director's Cut don't bug me that much. The sound changes are a bit disconcerting, particularly when you have Nico think something to herself in higher quality (dealing with the new puzzles) then have George or her talk in lower quality. I did find it strange that the mention to the second game was removed from the ending, though.

    The second version's remake has no added puzzle sections, although it does inherit the "objects glow" mechanic from the first remake (and third game if you want to get technical).

    Deaths are definitely still present in the second game's remake... and I thought there was at least one death scene still present in the first game.
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    The original game kind of crashes on me anytime I try to save a game. Also crashes when I try to press restore.
  • Profanity;555484 said:
    The original game kind of crashes on me anytime I try to save a game. Also crashes when I try to press restore.
    Yeah, this is what happened to me. You can either run it through SCUMMVM or institute a new save path, which I only vaguely know how to do. I'm not sure which one is better because I haven't gotten around to trying either fix, but other people have said that they work. GOG forums has more though.
  • ScummVM's probably the handiest way of doing it.
  • Yeah, you can get it all set up to run with a simple BAT file, if you know what you're doing.
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    Tried changing the save path first, took around 10 seconds and it worked.

    Cool, thanks.
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