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Who is your favorite guitarist

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  • lol. Same here, but our ecclesiastic selection seems to differ on at least this point.
  • DAISHI;556308 said:
    lol. Same here, but our ecclesiastic selection seems to differ on at least this point.
    Daishi just ain't hXc enough. Sorry brah!

    But aye, ye couldn't listen to hardcore all day, would drive ye spare. It's good for exercise music or if ye needa let off steam.

    I'm a sucker for really fast punk :)
  • JedExodus;556281 said:
    Not at all! Always good to shoot the shit with someone, even if you don't see eye to eye. :)

    You're absolutely right, I was being unfair. DT aren't always whoring it up with indulgent showboating, they can hold back and put together a coherent song. BUT, and of course there's a but, when they do it's just not interesting. There's the odd good wee riff here and there, and even some solo's I would classify as 'good' (get me being the snob, right? :p) but it's just all very so-so.
    Yeah, I get what you're saying, and it's a very fair point. It's unfortunate, but a lot of their best riffs and musical ideas are mostly found in their overblown and most showboat-sy tracks like "Home" or "This Dying Soul" (feel no obligation to listen to all of these, by the way :D), which sadly does make them inaccessible to less patient listeners, or listeners who're less tolerant of musical piss-around-ery.

    With that being said, though, I do think that Dream Theater are capable of penning tracks that are both concise and entertaining, such as "You or Me". "These Walls", I agree, isn't an overly strong track; it was more just an example used to refute your point, rather than to give an actual good example of good song. But, then again, "You or Me" might be equally as unexciting for you, in which case it just comes down to difference in personal taste in the end.
    If you don't have the content then don't pad your song out with so-so stuff.
    Yeah, I can also understand this point, almost completely. But, often, I find that the 'padding out' does actually serve a purpose in the song, as it helps set the mood for a track, or helps build to a climax. For example, in "Home", it opens with a minute-and-a-half intro with very little going on, but then, slowly, more elements are added to it, and more begins to actually happen, and then finally the band dives into the main riff, and it's just so satisfying (for me personally, anyway). And I find that that riff wouldn't actually have had the same sort of impact if it wasn't for the minute-and-a-half of 'padding' that precedes it.

    So, whilst not overly exciting or enjoyable in itself, it aids in enhancing the piece of music that follows/juxtaposes it.

    And, as a listener such as myself, that suits me just fine, since I'm willing to sit through minutes of mediocrity for pieces of the song that I love; that's just the sort of listener I am, and is probably the main reason why I can get such an enormous kick out of Dream Theater.
    To me this is an example of the perfect rock song. The style may not be for everyone but it meets my criteria

    -there's not a wasted moment
    -kicks ass
    -there's always something interesting happening (harmonies, octave chords, changes from minor to major, chunky riffs, drum fills, solos etc.)
    -musicianship is tight
    -doesn't outstay its welcome
    -has that special unqantifiable quality that makes a great piece
    -kicks ass
    See, I like songs like this too. I actually think this is great, and the particular style of the song benefits from being short, quick and to-the-point. But, the thing about DT's music is that it actually often does benefit from having a certain degree of extravagance, overblown-ness and convolution, because it's just a very different style. But I can appreciate both, since I was brought up on quite a range of rock music, which is why I can jumps from listening to, say, Motorhead to Yes and enjoy both just as easily, because I can get just what makes both of those styles/sub-genres great.
  • bobber56;556593 said:
    Motorhead is weak.
    And you're a troll, pure and simple. And a really obvious and bad one at that.
  • Bobber, you've been asked before. Don't make derogatory comments without an argument to back them up. Otherwise, you come off as a troll, and there will be punitive action.
  • You want an argument? Ok, here is why I don't like Motorhead.

    Screw them if they think they can cover AC/DC!
  • I still want an argument.
  • Hayden;557515 said:
    I still want an argument.
    What, shi*ty AC/DC rip-off bands not good enough for you?
  • Hayden;557515 said:
    I still want an argument.
    I think you may have wandered into the thread for getting hit over the head. Arguments are in the Rate the Last Song you Heard thread.
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