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Confused by Jurassic Park on Steam.

posted by d_cover on - last edited - Viewed by 453 users
Hey, this is my first game I've bought by Telltale Games.

I purchased Jurassic Park The Game off steam. I don't know if the was a problem with my purchase but the appears to be no icon on the steam library and no official steam forum for it either. I did a little tinkering with some of the options and it also appears I could purchase the game for myself again if I wanted which I thought steam prevented you doing? Of course I didn't. I also can't mess with the properties of the game and I can't use it to even go to the store page it just takes me to the main steam store.

Is this the same for everyone or was the a problem with my purchase?

Sorry if this is dumb but a little concerned.

Thanks for any help.
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  • Also, on german steam there are still 5 episodes listed as a feature.
    They better fix that, bnot that some people feel scammed when the game releases!
  • Can't help with Steam specific issues like that, but somebody sent me an email about the same issue yesterday, so it's not just you. I've had similar problems with other games prior to release and they were always resolved on Valve's end before the game actually unlocked.

    I'll make sure the German store description gets updated ASAP, Sadonicus; thanks for the heads-up.
  • Okay, went to the facepunch forums and they told me to check my purchase history and everything seems fine. So hopefully everything should be okay for the Uk launch look forward to giving the game a try.
  • It's has to do with the way steam handles pre-orders. Right now you don't actually have the game you have a place holder app and when the game comes out it removes it and gives you the "right" one so you can't download the game before it's out. This doesn't apply to games that allow pre-loads though.
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