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Holy zombie! Agh (Part deux)! "Conspiracy theories"

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Zombies? Are there zombies?

YES! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! AND THEY'RE RAVING! GAAAH! RUN AS LONG AS YOU CAN! Or, if you're a lawyer, do whatever you want. The zombies only go for brains.

They probably even have eaten bosco (he's missing as we learned in Night of the Raving Dead). Whaddaya say, Telltale Team? Was it the zombies? Or was it T H E M? Or evil Illuminati-Government-Aliens from outer space? OR UNDEAD CUDDLY PINK BUNNIES FROM HELL? (Frick, I oughta stop drinking pepsi. I personally believe it was the manic plumpers of doom. The kind that doesn't show up when you've got a SERIOUS problem with your restroom.

Fact is: they're pure evil and we are all doomed. Ya hear me? DOOOOMED!

Crazy conspiration theories are welcome and encouraged.
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