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Telltale damages the JP jeep they borrowed

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According to the neogaf/something aweful´s forums Telltale apperantly has borrowed the JP jeep, and the man that let Telltale borrow it are not to happy about it´s condition right now.

The link under sends you to neogaf forums with pictures before and after.
I respect you as game designers telltale but I am not lending you my car.
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  • I really hope whoever screwed up owns up to it and fixes this.
  • My old Jeep in the garage has a bunch of scratches and bumps from when my dad used to ride up the hills of Lake Travis. Jeep's scratch easy, bet the driver really wanted to test the power of a Jeep.
  • Hmm...were the guests at PAX allowed to touch/ride the Jeep? Because there were tons of people messing around with the DeLorean when Telltale had that on display, and there was apparently no problem. Just seems a little strange to me.

    Still, definitely sucks to be that guy. I hope he gets some kind of compensation.
  • It seems as though a lot of users on Reddit are up in arms over this; . Lots of people canceling pre-orders, choosing not to purchase the game, etc. I hope the Telltale gang does the right thing in all this. It sounds like the owner of the jeep was just lending it out of the kindness of his heart.
  • The Something Awful thread can be found here:

    Stay classy, TellTale.
  • Saw the Reddit thread. I too will hold off buying the game until I see some resolution here. I mean, the guy clearly loves the JP franchise and is a fan of TellTale games. He basically did the company a favor and now, because they're a classic giant, uncaring company, they're saying go screw yourself.

    Step up and show a fan a little love. Turn it into some good PR spin right as the release of the game comes out. Will be free publicity. C'mon TellTale do the right thing!
  • I wanted to get this game, but after hearing how they treated someone who lent them something in trust, I don't want to see how they treat customers. I will not be ordering this game.
  • (Merged here from another thread)

    Come on, Telltale. You know what I'm talking about.

    Apparently, this guy trusted his Jurassic Park replica Jeep to Telltale for them to show off during the promotion of the Jurassic Park game. He's now on the front page of Reddit lamenting the fact that his Jeep was damaged and that Telltale refused to pay for it. Why? Come on, he helped you out. He didn't have to let you borrow his Jeep. You're breaking his balls.

    Here are some before/after photos:


    (Link to large image)
    (Link to large image)



    As you can see, the damage isn't the worst it could possibly be, but this guy used to own a pristine Jurassic Park Jeep and now he doesn't.

    I feel like Telltale is being the "big corporation" here, and that doesn't seem like them at all. And not to use a cliché or sound threatening at all, but I'm sure the thousands of people who've seen this now probably don't have a very good opinion of Telltale now either. It'd be great to see this being addressed by someone here at the forums, and I'd hope I speak for everyone here when I say it'd be nice to see him reimbursed for his troubles and not given the cold shoulder.
  • They already wrecked the JP franchise with this awful interactive movie, why not wrecking a jeep too ?
  • Creepy story. Though, I am wondering why this story is made public just one day before the release. The PAX was held in the end of August. Even with transportation it could have been made public in mid september...

    seems a bit suspect to me
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