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Holy Zombie! Agh!

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Hey guys,

If this isn't the greatest episode of Sam & Max ever, I'm gonna admit that I donno anything. I'm very sure that it is, and I haven't even played it yet. Wanna know why?

Can tell you now that I have cooled down enough to quit laughing long enough to be probably able to maye think about sleeping sometime this week.

I just downloaded and installed it and stuff - and at that time everything was cool until I saw that frickin' intro.

Don't wanna spoil it for you guys but I give you one sentence, spoken in a totally easy and leasure-like-cool voice: "Speak up, commissioner, I can't hear you, we're having a zombie attack".

Guys, I'm an artist (at least I think so), but I gotta say: you crack me up, little buddies. That kind of art eludes me. You guys are actually better than me.

Thanks from an (until-now) silent gamer and forum-user.
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