Re jeep :)

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I saw your post on reddit and think you did the right thing although i do agree your getting lynched on the internet even by me for which i do apologize.

i look forward to trying your game


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    This thread again? Oh boy here comes the Anti Telltale Army from Reddit.
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    Even without a thread like this they could still come and spam the forums.
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    I plan on buying this game, I waited a friggin year for it, and some guy whining about a scratch and a torn seat seat(which I think he did himself, those Jeep seats are nails, you can't rip one without trying to) isn't affecting my view of this company haha

    I love telltale and Jurassic Park!

    besides, I own a Jeep Wrangler, and I can't imagine driving it without it being beat up! clean Jeeps are embarrassing!
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    I went to all this effort to find the perfect image for the original jeep thread, but then it closed, so I'm gonna post it here instead.


    This was all I could think of the whole time.

    ...Telltale did turn me into a newt. I got better.
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