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Season 4 Speculation/Suggestion Thread

posted by Tricky_bluefox on - last edited - Viewed by 39.7K users
I'm addicted to it I need it and it's awesome so after I'm done playing the devils playhouse ten more times when can I expect to pre order season 4
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  • The Gentleman;364707 said:
    Actually, the government is going to release an infection in 2013.
    But how can they release an infection if they're all dead?
  • Tricky_bluefox;552591 said:
    If people dont want to see season 4 by 2012 why would you click on Sam and Max season 4 speculation thread in the first place.
    Because it's extremely unkiely to happen in 2012 they realise this, some people don't like the way the series is going, some might like Sam and Max but are content with what Telltale are doing now so are willing to wait.

    If you didn't want any adverse opinion to your own why did you make a survey anyway?
  • If there's a season 4, there's only one thing I can say for sure I want to see: Bosco. Season 3 was great, but after finishing episode 5, I was rather sad that the most we hear of him is a story or two from Bluster Blaster in episode 4. It wasn't enough, I need my Bosco fix! :p

    After episode 2 of Season one, the first thing I did for the rest of season 1 was rush right over to Bosco's to see what kind of crazy disguise he had on and what item he was selling for an insane price next. Even episode 6, where you drive the DeSoto to the moon, I was like "Nope, forget the moon, have to go to Bosco's." and got right back in the car.
    Season 2 was also awesome. Sam and Max's build up of how bad his newest disguise is only for him to not be wearing one, driving him even more nuts than usual with asking if he has things since it's not a store anymore, making him scream over and over by selecting the "them" dialog option constantly... :D And then episode 4, hahahaha! That was great stuff. His personal hell in episode 5 was great as well.

    And then Season 3. Season 3 was great too, especially episode 3. The whole noir style Sam at the start really cracked me up big time. But I went through severe Bosco withdrawals during that season. So again, for season 4, there's one thing I really hope to see:


    More Bosco please! :)
  • In season 4 I would like to control Max 95% of the game time.

    He's much more awesome then Sam. Sam is a cold, smart detective type while Max is a freaky, childish bunny with great humor.

    And more Bosco as well. :) Moma Bosco is not as awesome as Bosco.
  • ^I think it's best if it's Sam most of the time, when you click on something in the game Sam makes a comment and then Max comes back with something it wouldn't work if Max clicks something and makes a remark you're trying to get the set-up and the punchline in one line which doesn't work.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    mjc0961;556824 said:

    More Bosco please! :)
    I think that Season 3 handled the balance between new and old characters pretty well. It focused on new acquaintances while using old friends in new ways. That unfortunately meant leaving my dearest Sybil out of the equation until the very last moment. But her absence during the entire Season made her sudden and unexpected appearance in the nick of time all the greater.

    I can't think of an English equivalent to the German proverb "Willst du gelten, mach dich selten" right now, which roughly means that someone's worth rises if his appearances are seldom. The same applies here, I think. I am very sure that Bosco will return in Season 4, and I'm really looking forward to it. But if TTG chooses to make this a one-episode encounter, I'd be OK with it as well.
  • max13;554366 said:
    So, but I would like season 4 in polish, because I am pole and I understand season 1 only. sorry, That you do not understand I be in 4 class well too only. But does not have polish version still 2 and 3 season.
    I agree that each country should be in the local language but I am not sure this is up to telltale games.
    In France Season 1 and 2 were translated and were great. We offered them as gifst to friends and family. Season 3 was subtitles only and that does not work in a game where the best past is the dialogue between characters, their actions while important and fun are secondary. So I was the only one who played season 3, I think it was the best but only I can play it...

    Back to the subject at hand : I am completely for a season 4 but with their other licences I do not know when they will have the time. If they could push their partners to fully translate that would be great.
    However I am not waiting for anything particular for season 4, I just want to be surprised like I am in all episodes untill now! :D

    Having read quite a few posts I also would love the nexr Days of the Tentacle. ;)
  • It would be amazing if they created a fourth season. William Kasten used Max in a different game in 2010 so I know that he is not completely out of the game. I don't think that after three series that the actors could let go of their characters that easily because of how brilliant they are. I want the same quality that we've had in the last three series but I honestly don't care who is in it or where it takes place as long as Sam and Max are alive.
  • I'm sure we're all fiending for some new Sam and Max right now. I AM and I HAVEN'T EVEN FINISHED ALL OF 305 YET!!! However, since we are faced with the fact that nothing will be released for at least a little while, can somebody post a list of graphic novels, games, and animated serieses that are similar to Sam and Max, or that Sam and Max fans would appreciate? I bought Surfin' The Highway OOP 1995 edition last week off of Ebay and am planning on netting the 1996 and 2008 editions as well. I'll start off the list:
    Graphic Novels:
    SCUD: The Disposable Assassin
    Ralph Snart
    Black Cherry (if you want an entire book of what basically amounts to Noir Sam)

    Note: If anyone wants to know the details of the Ebay bid and the deal they missed out on, PM me. It would just provoke aggro on the forum.
  • Just got done marathoning The Devil's Playhouse. Beat all 5 episodes in less than 48 hours. Unfortunately, :spoiler: That doesn't unlock an alive Max :spoiler:

    Oh, and as for Season Four speculations, Sam needs to time travel back to the beginning of The Devil's Toybox, pick up original Max, and I feel that there needs to be some Mack Salmon or maybe something spy-ish like the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang episode of the animated series.
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