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Most Replayable Game(s) You've Played

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Replayability - some games lack it completely, but there are others which just thrive in the area. Whilst we've all probably played dozens of titles which we have absolutely no inclination to return to after completion (or maybe even before completion), there are others which we find ourselves wanting to revisit regularly and repeatedly.

I'm just wondering what games, for you personally, fit this description. What games have you played which possess the greatest level of replayability?

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean the games with the greatest exploration, the games with the most freedom, or the games with the largest number of different routes to take and alternate decisions to make (though those can certainly be factors in creating enhanced replayability, for sure; I'm not discounting that), but it simply refers to games that hold elements which you just constantly find yourself wanting to re-experience.

So go ahead and share these titles with us, and also tell us the reasons why these games are so replayable for you.

Also, alternatively, feel free to share the titles of the games which you found to have the least amount of replayable value; that could also be interesting.
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  • I'm currently trying to beat Arkham City for the third time.
    The first time was for the plot, the second time to 100% the side missions, the third time is to just be Batman again. It never gets old putting down a 40 hit combo. Also, latching onto a helicopter, ripping out its internal guts to download a code to enter sealed off locations, then descending in a high speed blitz to smash into thugs.

    All the Zelda games, Wind Waker especially. I love the high seas enchantment, the charming characters and art direction, and of course classic puzzles.
  • I agree about Zelda. I have replayed Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and Wind Waker multiple times each.

    Also, I replay the Monkey Island and King's Quest games probably at least once every year and a half or so.
  • I play King's Quest I once a year to remind me of everything I didn't like about old adventure games :P
  • I find myself going back to the original Half-Life every so often, so I guess that'd be my pick. Despite its age and my knowing all the tricks to surviving, I find it's still one of the few games that never breaks the first-person viewpoint and is incredibly immersive as a result (ironically, that's one of the things Duke Nukem Forever did right - vehicle sections aside).
  • DAISHI;557666 said:
    I play King's Quest I once a year to remind me of everything I didn't like about old adventure games :P
    and I play King's Quest VI to remember what I loved about them.
  • Oh I do like King's Quest. Just the first one... not the remade versions or anything... seems so frustrating sometimes.
  • I consider all of the Sierra games to be the most replayable adventure games. Especially the most difficult ones, because you'll be replaying them a thousand times before you ever beat them.
  • I choose Age of Empires II, my go to game since it came out in 1999. It has a fantastic (and fairly historically accurate...most of the time) campaign, a great series of random map levels scaled so you can try out any of the civilizations versus a random assortment of other civilizations in a variety of difficulty levels, and a nice campaign editor so you can construct your own campaigns.

    But what I really like is that there are so many different strategies that you can use fairly effectively in both the campaign and random map. Also, the fact that since this is a strategy game from the actually has a fairly decent AI that can be pretty difficult to beat without careful planning, even on the standard setting. I just gave it a playthrough last year after years of playing other strategy games and getting pretty good at them and I still nearly got my ass handed to me in the Aztec campaign.

    My other favorite game for re-playability is Diablo II, which has one of the most fun multiplayer co-ops that I've played. Maybe it's just because I also have Comrade Mortis, and more recently, Comrade Pants, playing along as well. But I love the amount of customizability in the game and the number of workable builds that you can create. It's just fun to tinker with a build until it's just perfect for completing a certain creating an unstoppable army of the undead. And once you've achieved that...there's six other character classes to go try, each with their own unique abilities to tinker with.
  • hm...fairly recent ones? Both Arkham games, Force Unleashed, R&C:ToD.
    older? Police Quest 3, SMB3, Super Metroid, Castlevania 4. I also remember playing No Mercy on the 64 for over a year off and on.
  • For me, it's the Pokemon games. And most games that can be finished from beginning to end in one day (like early Ratchet and Clank games).
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