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A Zak McKracken Remake

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Hey guys, I have a Zak McKracken remake project going on. Its in pre-Production right now. Its hosted on my Transformers Website temporarly. I am looking for a team right now to help me out. You can find the project here:
In order to participate, you will have to register on the site and then you can see the forum. Sorry. Its to prevent spammers.

If your interested in helping, check it out. This is what I posted:

Its hosted on a transformers site for now, and its in pre-production, but goto the sign up thread and look at what I need. Here is what I posted:

Hello and welcome to the unofficial Zak McKracken Remake Project. We are anxious to get this project underway. But we are looking for some to join our team. This is what we have currently:

*Writer for story and Dialog
*Minor Voice Role- Actor
*Italian Translator

What we need more immediatly:
*Assistant Story and Dialog writer (Looking for Max two more People)
*Background Graphics Artist, Colorer, touchups or all in one. (What I am looking for is a cross between "Day of the Tentacle" and "Curse of Monkey Island". I want the crisp clear graphics of CMI, but the goofy look of DOTT). An example of this can be found here:

As far as background artists go, I can use as many as possible. There will be a process for this. We sketch the background based on what we need. We then See how we can improve it.Then trace it onto a digital image basically. Touch it up. Color it. Add shading and other needed essentials. Then we touch it up for one more final time.

After the main background is done, we do the same for objects in the room, like a bed or a desk, etc.. These will then be placed as objects in the room in the game engine.

*We are looking for Character artists.
*We are looking for animators for helping with both the background/character/gui/inventory animations as well as with animators for cutscenes.
*We are looking for musicians. We basically want to modify the original music content, but to sound more modern and with a mix between and alternative and hard rock sound.
*Anyone looking to help with designing a GUI and inventory items.

Needed, but not as badly:
*Translators for: German, Spanish, French and several other languages.
*Voice Actors. Just remember some of these characters in the game: Zak, Annie, Leslie, Melissa, Caponians and Caponian king... There are several other characters, but these are the main ones.

In order to join, here are the steps:
1) Find the right thread for the job your looking for.
2) Sign up and post what role you want to have in that department.
3) Provide on the forum, a link to some samples and try to wow me. In other words, make it the best you and show it to me. Just because your work may be incredible does not mean that you will automatically be accepted to the team. We are looking for a unique style for music, acting and art. Please provide more than one or two samples of your work. We want to see that you can be consistent in your work. So, if your applying for backgrounds, draw two or three of the typical work you can do. Same with Voice Acting and music.
4) Wait for me to get back to you.

What are the requirements to join the team:

1) Noone will get paid. If someone offers a donation to you, thats fine. But dont tell me about and dont sell any work related to the project.
2) Since noone is getting paid, I do not require constant work from you guys. I would like a status on what you did during the week every week, not to pressure you, but just to know that your still interested in the project. We understand that life comes at you fast and you have family, religion, school and many many other things. So I wont be upset if work doesn't progress as quickly. I am full aware that this project may take years to complete. So there is not pressure.
3) You must be a team player. Even though we have programmers and writers, it doesn't mean that you cant voice your opinion about features or about story lines etc... We all need to get a long and be able to communicate well. Everyone is important on the team.

Tips on rapid progression of the project:
*Set aside time in your schedule. Take 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes a day to think about what you want to do and how to do it. Then once a week or two weeks, take an hour or two and work on the task.
*Communicate with team members
*Accept criticism.
*Try to find a way to keep yourself motivated for the project. Possibly play the original game over and over. Look at fan projects, fan stories, fan art. Think of the outcome once the project is over. It could be something to add to your resume. It could be a reason for you to be famous in the end. Perhaps if this goes well, we can create a commercial game together. Find ways to motivate yourself continuosly.
*Improve on your skill with PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

Benefits of joining the team:
*Your remaking the greatest game of all time.
*Your gaining experience and adding something to your resume.
*Your improving on your skill.
*You will get your very own email address
*You will be mentioned in the credits
*And surely there will be much much more.

So, if your interested in joining, please sign up in the forum. Thanks for your hard work. Any private questions, please email me at [email][/email]

Team Leader
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  • You are aware of the rare, already existing, *official* 256-color version of Zak, right?
  • ATMachine;55246 said:
    You are aware of the rare, already existing, *official* 256-color version of Zak, right?
    Shush! The Milkman doesn't want you to know about that!
  • So basically, you have no artists? But you do have an Italian translator? Seems like the priorities are a bit off.

    Secondly, what are you going to do when halfway through the project, you get a cease-and-desist letter from LucasArts? Do you have contingency plan?
  • Yes, Already worked that out. From what I hear, LEC changed their way of handling things not too long ago. Plus all artwork will be available freely, no money will be accepted and I am avoiding giving it its own Website.

    It should avoid LEC from coming after me. I have an Italian translator because that would be me :)

    I have people helping with coding, dialog and plot enhancements, but I am missing the essential graphics and music and some more help in the above area's.
  • Have you tried using the Visionaire2D engine?

    I could help you with the background art, but i have councerns about the game might have copyright issues.

    As an artist I dont want to get myself blacklisted or marked.
  • glenfx;55737 said:

    As an artist I dont want to get myself blacklisted or marked.
    So there actually is a list? I thought that was just a myth.
  • Well, there are some other people working on this who wish to remain anonymous, which I understand why. So, if you wish, you can remain anonymous and help. I wont have a website, so the game wont be found by LEC. Itwill also not bring too much attention to us by doing that. Plus, as I have heard, LEC is becoming a little less interested in its adventure titles, specifically Zak and MM.

    If your interested, just goto, sign up to the forum, post in the sign up thread and if you would like to join, I will put you on the private team members forum.
  • JDiPerla;55814 said:
    I wont have a website, so the game wont be found by LEC.
  • I know. I know. If I have a website, Lucasarts mind find the project more easily, and depending on their moods, they may shut me down.

    Now, I could take the chance and if something happens I could just shut the site down and work on the game privately. Thats an option. Only thing is, will someone help me with designing an actual site, not just running from a forum?
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