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Jurassic Park The Game: Review thread - post your impressions here!

posted by waroftheworlds01 on - last edited - Viewed by 43.6K users
The release date for the game is finally here and I'm sure everyone will be dieing to voice their opinions on the game as well as post reviews from other websites. Instead of having thousands of post with different reviews, I figured it would be easier to have one thread dedicated to Jurassic Park reviews.

I haven't been able to play it yet but I will be posting seperate reviews for each episode here as I finish them.

So if anyone wants to share their opinon after finally getting to play the game, or want to share links to reviews of the game from other website here's a great thread to do it.

And, of course, try to use those Spoiler tabs when needed!!!
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  • the controls are cool (Xbox 360)!!!
  • Faceslasher;558398 said:
    Finally got to play, and it's horribly bugged.

    This is just insane, why is this happening?
    The game isn't off it's feet yet. Give it a chance.
  • I'm at the part with the Yellow Jacket dude where you explore him, and I can't click on anything.
  • Glitch #2

    The Jungle Scene: Getting stuck when I slash and hack, if I fail, it constantly fails. This really needs to be addressed. Now.
  • Now the buttons go missing, this is really pissing me off.
  • Faceslasher;558490 said:
    Alright, after 30 minutes of gameplay...

    I am not impressed, tons of waiting for a game that's still buggy. What was improved exactly? This is the first time I have EVER said that I disliked a Telltale game.

    I'm sorry but the story may be nice, but the gameplay annoys me like hell.
    Delay it for another 7 months!
  • Alright let me rephrase my quote.

    The game is just too buggy, I love the characters and the story. The gameplay just feels odd. I played Heavy Rain, and this isn't like it at all. Why can't we free roam? It's only limited to looking around. I'm really sorry, but I can't get the gameplay.

    Telltale, I know the effort put into the game was large, but I just can't find it at all. And there are some bugs that weren't even ironed out. Come on guys, you know better then this!

    But I must say, the graphics, holy god the graphics are AMAZING!
  • running fine on Xbox 360...

    none of the bugs you mentioned are there.

    my pc version is still downloading, so time will tell. I'll be using a 360 controller on my PC as suggested by numerous articles.
  • Faceslasher;558504 said:
    The game is just too buggy
    It appears there's an issue with your computer or install rather than the game itself. Other people are not reporting any bugs even though they're getting the exact same version of the game.
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