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Seriously, did Telltale Games any sort of fixing the last months?

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As I was looking forward to this game and actually pre-ordered the deluxe edition I have to say that this game isn't optimized AT ALL!

Reading a lot of posts here I am not the only person having problems.
It seems that Jurassic Park: The Game lacks a lot of optimization, even on PS3!

The game is nearly unplayable at the highest settings, even if your computer easily reaches the recommended specs. Turning on the DOF leads to massive stuttering and lags resulting in desynchronized audio and freezes for more than a whole second. A lot of QTE aren't beatable, scenes are cut or getting repeated.

Especially at the very beginning of Episode 1 there occur some major bugs.
During the Triceratops scene, where Gerry and Jess are overlooking the pen and the player uses the binocular, some dialogues are repeated. This is not a PC only issue. PS3 users are having the same problem.

I completed Episode I and replayed the 2nd scenario of it several times with different settings to find out that the repeated dialogue always occurs.
As this is at the very beginning of the game and TTG wanted to publish this episode already 7 months ago, I am wondering what sort of fixing there has been during the last half year? Any at all?
Or was the game in the april edition even more annoying?

Sorry to say that but especially for a cinematic experience JP:TG isn't polished at all. I feels rushed and sloppy.
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  • Youre right, I noticed some dialogue skippings as well. Cutscenes often are to fast.
    Youve completed a scene and expecting a little fade or something, but no - it just throws you into the new scene without a break - which destroys the cinematic atmosphere on my opinion.

    Though I am playing on highest possible graphic settings it doesnt lag for me at all.
    But the shadows are terrible, its like they are made of 5 big pixels.

    I dont wont to judge the graphics, but ive seens those shadows the last time 20 years ago.
  • this is all i can think of with these bugs

    John Hammond: "When they opened Disneyland in 1956, nothing worked." Ian: "Yeah, but John,if the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down,the pirates don't eat the tourists."

    :V guess the game is really living up to the scenario
  • you're right. I am only on episode 1 but this freezing and lagging is driving me nuts. I am on the QTE right after you find the canister, and the performance was ridiculous. At one point it froze for about 5 seconds and I could hear what was going on, but the video had frozen.
    It certainly isn't my PC, because it's more than adequate for highest settings.
    I'm a bit disappointed that the game got released in this state.
  • Oh great.

    I quitted the game to go shopping, now I am back and cant get to the menu anymore.
  • I agree with everyone here. I'm relieved to hear that others are having similar problems because I was worried that all the problems stemmed from my computer.

    Personally, I haven't experienced lags but the audio syncing and the shadow issues make the game difficult to enjoy.
  • I really dislike the transitions, sometimes the tense music for one scene abruptly stops when going to the next scene... You are correct, it totally destroys the "cinematic expereince" they chose to create instead of a traditional game. I think they got the cinematic feel down perfect for everything else, but the transitions from scene to scene are sometimes incredibly poor...
  • I've just started episode one and the bit where the girl is looking through the binoculars I get repeated dialogue and a stuttering frame rate, i know it isn't my pc as I just played battlefield 3 on the highest settings earlier and it ran perfectly. I really like Telltale games but their games are so buggy do they even test the games themselves, the Q&A department sucks. also the bit where you have to retrieve the cannister from Nedrys van was so jerky I missed QTE's, I really like the look of this game but is unplayable at the moment I really hope Telltale patch this game up.
  • i mean really i can over look the graphics or the lag or any of the little bugs
    i could over look any of that IF I COULD JUST PLAY FUCKING EPISODE 2
    i am not in the mood to go through the entire first episode all over again and pray that episode 2 will play. i like the game it's neat but if i cant play the rest of the game i m just very disappointed i wish they would just say don't worry working on a patch asap or something but they just leave us here twiddling our thumbs hoping for the best
  • I have the same question...

    I have a mac more than ready to run this game and I have shadows that are just big pixels, slowdowns and audio that is not synchronized...
  • I was hoping the performance problems would go away, but I have just reached the T-Rex scene and the stutterring just ruins the cinematic experience. Are these problems throughout the entire game?
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