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Thanks Telltale

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I have been looking all over these forums tonight and I have seen a lot of people complaining about various problems, this is fair enough as it has only just been released and a few problems are to be expected. However one thing I haven't seen is anyone saying Thank You Telltale for bringing us Jurassic Park The Game. Now I know all of the people who aren't having problems are probably enjoying the game as its really good fun but if you read this post just take 10 seconds to say thanks as I know they will really appreciate it, so here are my thanks;

Thank you Telltale
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  • This game is so great, so different, and it still feels like an adventure game.

    My girlfriend is playing it right now on the Xbox (Haha! She just died, that's new!) and I just ordered it for the PC.

    Telltale is the best.
  • I would also like to extend my thanks. There were a few glitches (the AK disappeared out of the big guy's hands in one shot, cursor disappeared once), but overall very enjoyable experience, and it just felt like it belonged in the JP movie universe.
  • I like to think that for every complainer there is two or three people at home enjoying their game... most will never even know there is a community here chatting it up...

    I know this one was a challenge to make.. it is very different than previous games.. I think it fits in well with the franchise. .... also Oscar is officially the biggest badass TTG has ever had in a game.... other than maybe Treasure Crab.
  • lol i gotta say thanks too when i couldnt get the game to go past chapter 2 i was pretty much in a state of panic but once someone told me how to fix it and i got to play the rest (on chapter 4 now) i gotta say this game is a master piece
  • Haven't gotten around to chapters 3 and 4 yet (waiting on a friend to get out of work so we can finish it together) but so far I must say that you folks here at Telltale have gone above and beyond my wildest expectations. I have been blown away, and although I have avoided spoilers, I've heard the best is yet to come. Thank you, Telltale for bringing my childhood back to life.
  • I'm less than halfway through the game, but I'm already loving what I see. This truly is a fan's game.
  • Okay Telltale... I take back what I said about the marine facility being a mistake. :D It was freaking amazing!!!!! But many thanks for giving the Pteranodon's a couple of really good scenes. I really have been waiting for a game like this since... well since forever really :) I mean I was 1 when the movie was released. I kinda cried at the end.. nostalgia just kinda crept up on me.
    Thanks for an awesome Game Telltale! You guys are awesome developers!
  • Thanks for bringing a great story to Jurassic Park, it was absolutely worthy and entertaining and makes me want a sequel bad!
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    Going to agree with everyone it was a fantastic game, you guys rock it was well worth the wait and finally knowing the fate of those Dino embryos, and most of the other personnel on the island who didn't escape in the film was amazing and the was like playing the game and eating one of those t-rex lollies they made with the red gooey centre(wish I had one of those now :( ) I hope we get to see more Jurassic Park games because I know i'm going to be plunging back into this and going through all the options and choosing stuff I didn't the first time round.
  • What problems? I didn't encounter a single issue other than a occasional early game audio repeat... no stutter, start, restart, etc problems.

    System I'm using is:

    intel i7 2600k sandy bridge
    16GB of Micron lowest latency DDR3
    Intel gaming mobo
    EVGA Geforce GTX580
    (2) 1TB harddrives
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Using onboard 5.1 audio

    Im using a wired Xbox360 controller.

    And, as the OP stated... great game! it really tells a tale and expands the JP universe. Definetely one of the best JP games to ever be released. Love the cinematic aspect to it!
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