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Game loads to black screen w/sound : Mac : Started after resolution change

posted by Crushem on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
Games was running fine and I exited out. Went back in and the game loads to a black screen with all the audio. I can move the mouse and hear when it runs over the menu options. If i try Command - F to switch to windowed mode to change the resolution I get a fatal crash error. I didn't change the resolution to one my monitor couldn't handle. In fact I changed it lower to 1024x768 to see if it helped the frame rate. Ran fine till I quit. Also have tried looking for a running process and have restarted the computer. On a restart it auto launches the game to black screen.

Thanks for any help

:updates and more info:

1: It seems to be bypassing the username and login screen altogether at launch before the jump to black.
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  • So I figured it out, or I lucked out.

    I tried just about everything, changing rez from sys prefs, checked my video drivers, read through forums.

    I even started downloading the .dmg file for a replacment of the .app.

    I decided to try once more.

    Went to: sys prefs>displays>
    I detected my monitor (which i didn't do in my trouble shooting) and had it display the rez changer on the OsX menu bar.

    Also Command - F doesn't crash the game anymore.

    Booted the game and it was resolved. Not sure what triggered it but resolved issue.

    I changed the resolution a few times during play and exited and returned to the game multiple times and it worked. Not sure what triggered this but detect the display seems to fix
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