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must say her character is starting to grow on me i love the voice actress and love sorkins personality
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  • She kinda looks like Jane Lynch to me, actually. I kept expecting her to say, "Don't bullshit a bullshitter" to me. lol

    Edit: Nice avatar, by the way.
  • Yeah, they did a good job making Sorkin relatable. The way she argues her points, it's clear that even though she's not right, she's also not really wrong either.
  • Exactly! I like when characters are that way. It makes them more human to me.
  • I loved Sorkin. She's the reason I think that Jurassic Park might have worked as an actual biological preserve. Her idea regarding the gaps in the DNA sequence was brilliant. Sadly, the suits at InGen(I flat-out REFUSE to lay blame completely on Hammond) didn't think it was worth the time and money.

    However, her nature would have ruined Jurassic Park as an attraction. Her solution for the Lysine Contingency notwithstanding, her decision to hide the Troodon brood would have screwed the park even without Nedry's meddling.

    I agree with her about protecting the animals, but she completely lost it at the end.
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