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Jurassic Park The Lost World The Game would be cool

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It could be like JP:The Game: Some InGen Workers survived in the field where the raptors killed many of Ludlows people. They have to find another way to get off the island and work together. Just like JP:TG but with more controlls over the characters and to decide if characters can survive or not. What do you think?
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  • Would this be in the novel universe or the film universe?
  • Film Universe. Since JP:TG takes place in the film universe
  • yah the game may lead into it but to me its more of a........ choose your own ending.... not with the game per say but i mean.... well with me i like 2 think isla nublar still exists, mind u i am a fan of the novels but i still love the idea and 2nd in the films and comics universal paid ppl 2 make the island survives..... and hammond did become an enviromentalist so couldve changed his mind 2.... idk thats just me
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    Sinaz20 Telltale Alumni
    I like to think the island is spared at the last minute, too.
  • Sinaz20;560330 said:
    I like to think the island is spared at the last minute, too.
    mmmaybe sequel material lol
  • TheHandyking;560258 said:
    Film Universe. Since JP:TG takes place in the film universe
    Visually, of course, but, since I haven't played any of the game past the prologue, is there anything story-wise that's more in-line with the books?
  • A more obvious JPTLW:TG plot line (I think) would be set just after JP:TG Sorna gets the word its being shut down, a Dr. Sorkin fan uses her research to negate the lysine contingency but gets interrupted and has a bit of a scuffle resulting in a few knocked out people and somewhere else on the island some ppl are having a safari weekend/outfield study in a region herbivores are kept in and their radio broke.
    Flash forward like a day, everything been shut down and they are left behind.
    Ensue escape adventure plus this would lead into 2 things nicely (assuming the dr. sorkin fan party dies)
    1) establishing a better reason why the dino's survived through to jp2 and jp3
    2) setting up reasons why the power is still working in jp2 (these ppl turned it bk on) and why some things (eg cars etc) seem to be strewn about in an abandoned manor rather than neatly stored (afterall sorna wasn't exactly a rush evaucation!

    Oh and via dialogue and quarantine pens etc it could nicely build in lots of new dinos and explain the spinos etc. like perhaps sorkins fan misabelled the spinos intentionally so they weren't culled after being deemed too large or dangerous. Could have a pen of earlier version raptors that were meant to be culled that have the feathers and are smarter (like the ones in jp3) to explain that difference away
  • It isnt a bad idea at all. Then after making that game they should make a episodic game for the third movie!
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