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Thanks Telltale

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I have been looking all over these forums tonight and I have seen a lot of people complaining about various problems, this is fair enough as it has only just been released and a few problems are to be expected. However one thing I haven't seen is anyone saying Thank You Telltale for bringing us Jurassic Park The Game. Now I know all of the people who aren't having problems are probably enjoying the game as its really good fun but if you read this post just take 10 seconds to say thanks as I know they will really appreciate it, so here are my thanks;

Thank you Telltale
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  • mannyguy1;560441 said:
    Can someone explain the Pteranodon sitiuation to me? Did ingen let them just allowed them to roam the island this whole time? Did they escape from their aviary. I'm so confused...
    Those things are dangerous, and we've witnessed that with JPIII. I personally believe there was an Aviary on Isla Nublar and it is determined by both the novel and the mention of Spielberg wanting to do it in the film, but that it was too much work and money involved to do it.

    So hopefully it's a hint there is one, but once the power was out the Pteranodons had free reign.
  • I've not yet said thanks to Telltale for making this great game and fantastic experience so I'm correcting that now.

    Thanks Telltale!
  • Yes I agree too! You've been really supportive with all of the bugs, and not to mention you made an abolutely awesome JP game! The last good JP game that came out was Operation Genesis in 2003 and it wasn't even an action game, just a park builder. Just by deciding to make this game you really made me aswell as many other JP fans happy. I am really looking foward to a Series 2! I hope you plan on making one soon!
  • Eyup, thanks for a great Jurassic Park experience, i had lots of fun, too bad it had to end.:)
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    bubbledncr Telltale Alumni
    Reading this thread has made my day.

    This game the most challenging thing I've ever worked on, and a huge effort for the entire team. It means the world to us that you all enjoy it so much.
  • Thank you for creating the best Jurassic Park game to date.

    As a massive JP fan I can see you poured heart and soul into getting the settings, story and characters perfect!

    Keep up the good work, would LOVE to see a sequel set during the Lost World!

  • Seeing a sequel to this game would be absolutely terrific. I'm not even done playing it for the most part, but with what I've seen... WOW... Pleeeeeeeeeeease talk to "Universal Pictures", Telltale and tell them to continue this license. Hell, I used to work for Universal Studios Orlando, and it would only BOOST the reputation of their Jurassic Park area in Islands of Adventure.

    I mean, how awesome would it be for people to walk through there and start talking about the various Seasons of JP you guys put out.

    I'd love to see that. People for the most part may have forgotten about Jurassic Park. But after enough people play this and word spreads and excitement builds, I think you'll have a STRONG and bigger fanbase for the next Season.
  • I am now 30. I have waited for this game...since I was 10...or so (1991 right?) Its everything I could have asked for and more...but above all else it stayed true to the look, feel, and emotion of the films.

    Another tidbit worth mentioning.. the feeling of suspense its intense...some of the action sequences have the same effect that the scene with Lex hanging from the ceiling with the raptor below had....edge of chair stuff guys..really.

    Nailed it. Spot on. Bravo!
  • I didn't experience any game serious bugs and I've just completed the game. I really liked it. Only the quicktime event timing was kinda too fast sometimes and the bone shaker part took me forever because I didn't notice you could put 4 cars on the track...
  • You guys even nailed the Spielberg "bad Dad... learns to reconnect with his children."
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