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Dr. Sorkin (Spoilers)

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(If you haven't beat the entire game, you might want to leave, because I don't know how to use spoilers. ^-^)

Well, she WAS my favorite character, but I did know the entire time she was going to freak out over the dinosaurs and end up getting killed. I just assumed that it would go like this:

Gerry: Come on, we have to leave!

Dr Sorkin: No! This is my life! I will not leave! I will die here!

^^ Something like that.

I did expect her to die in the end, but I was just sad about it. XD

And about Billy Yoder, that COMPLETELY surprised me. I would have NEVER guessed that billy is the enemy in the end. But, I did like it. Something the players would never expect. ^-^

And the last thing, when I saw D-Caf's eye move inside the nest I was all
That really scared me...
(Another last thing, I loved the ending! Especially when one of the deaths gerry gets eaten crotch first.)

That's all. ^-^
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