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Forum Rules, please read before making your first post...thanx;)

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Hey guys,

As you all know, a forum with no rules isn't much of a forum at all. Discussion among the other forum members concerning the need for rules led to 8 simple rules that I'm sure nobody will have problems following. Remember, if anybody has a problem/question with any of these rules, or anything else for that matter, please email me at or ask one of the guys at Telltale. I'm sure they will be more than happy to answer.
Let the ruling begin!

1) Keep cursing and offensive behavior to a minimum.

2) Try not to flame other members; friendly arguments and constructive group arguments are always acceptable. The second it gets out of hand and people feel attacked, the offensive post will be warned and ultimately deleted, if things do not cool down. the thread will be deleted.

3) No racist comments at all! If a racist thread is started or a racist post is made, it will be deleted.

4) Try to keep double-posting to a minimum. If you double-post, try to delete the extra post if that's possible. If not, a mod will get to it.

5) Try to have respect for everyone's feelings. No one wants to be disrespected.

6) Do not post any information related to infringements of Telltale's copyrights, trademarks, or End User License Agreements. Any such violations should be emailed directly to, and are gratefully received!

7) No links to piracy-related material, including abandonware. Abandonware is not legal.
If the copyright holder has given their permission to release a game for free, it becomes freeware. The majority of abandonware has not been released by the copyright holder Some may think that abandonware is not piracy, but it is. Telltale can get in trouble if anything of that sort is posted.

8) Keep things organized, try your best to keep things in order, and always make sure you're posting in the right thread/forum. There is no need to make a new thread on a topic that is already being discussed.

9) And now, the most important rule of all: HAVE FUN!
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