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Ok if Isla Sorna was where the "magic" really happened, why ddi they keep embryos on Nublar? Were they "just for show" and if so, why? Or were some dinos bread on Nublar to save on the shipping costs? It's the one piece of the puzzle that doesn't quite fit into place. Just thought for security reasons they'd keep it all on Sorna.

I understand they may want a few "real" eggs for show, but. Or maybe Sorna was where they were manufactured and spare species stored and monitored for behavioural observations so the staff on Nublar knew how to handle them etc. AND dinos really were born on the island once they knew which ones to breed, and if something like what happened with the raptors happened (aka several killed at once) they could then ship directly from Sorna with some adults already grown up.

I'd like ideas and theories about this plot hole.
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  • Perhaps a minimal amount of the process took place on Nublar, while the majority occured on Sorna, where the animals were created and raised until they were old enough to survive on their own, then transported to Nublar.

    In order to keep the Sorna facilities a secret, they had to keep up the appearence that everything was being done on Nublar. That meant doing just enough of the work on Nublar to not raise suspicions.

    Perhaps the plan was, once they had perfected the science, to move eventually all the work to Nublar at a future date. Perhaps the presence of the embryonic storage and science labs on Nublar suggests that they had begun taking the first steps towards this.
  • i think you guys are pretty spot on cause in the book isla sorna was made for manufacturing the dinosaurs and then they'd transport them to nublar when they were big enough, and the big thing with people doing science at nublar was like you said just a minimal thing, most likely it's all already figured out science like making already established dinosaurs cause in order to test out the cloning process and other things and to make sure things are successful they would most likely do it on site b so the public wouldn't see dead dinosaurs or horribly mutant frog t-rexes lol and as for the embryos it could've just been a back up or they were using them to study and perfect (getting grunt work on site b done first)
  • It was for show, "Isla Nublar was just a showroom, something for the tourists. " " Site B was the factory floor, that was on Isla Sorna." - Hammond to Malcolm TLW:JP
  • I'd say, based on the novel and the films combined:
    It was partly for show in the tour as seen in the film; but it was also practical.

    They shipped in initial batches of dinos from Sorna, but Sorna focussed on making NEW dinos and such big creatures aren't exactly easy to ship.

    Therefore I think list dinos (confirmed as viable for park use) had frozen embryos stored enmass on Nublar so that as needed required they could easily grow and hatch more dinos (hatchery & nursery in the book) and then ship them direct to exhibits in the service tunnels we see in-game.
  • Oviraptor;560869 said:
    It was for show, "Isla Nublar was just a showroom, something for the tourists. " " Site B was the factory floor, that was on Isla Sorna." - Hammond to Malcolm TLW:JP
    The trouble is why have REAL embryos if it was solely only "for show"?

    I think you guys have something in all those posts, I'd just be great for Universal or us to release an official/fan-made procedural poster. Showing the actual procedure, work-duties and process that Site B and Site A (Nublar) both have.
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