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Thanks Telltale

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I have been looking all over these forums tonight and I have seen a lot of people complaining about various problems, this is fair enough as it has only just been released and a few problems are to be expected. However one thing I haven't seen is anyone saying Thank You Telltale for bringing us Jurassic Park The Game. Now I know all of the people who aren't having problems are probably enjoying the game as its really good fun but if you read this post just take 10 seconds to say thanks as I know they will really appreciate it, so here are my thanks;

Thank you Telltale
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  • I just got into episode 3. My brother came to watch since the middle of episode 1. I love it. Thanks Telltale.

    SEASON 2 SEASON 2 SEASON 2!!! Please. (TLW or JP3 theme game would be cool)
  • Thank you for a great game. With the way JP, BTTF and ( another company's Ghostbuster game ) have gone, I can really see games taking over as the more logical way for some of favorite movie franchises to live on.
  • Laphin;560594 said:
    Seeing a sequel to this game would be absolutely terrific. I'm not even done playing it for the most part, but with what I've seen... WOW... Pleeeeeeeeeeease talk to "Universal Pictures", Telltale and tell them to continue this license. Hell, I used to work for Universal Studios Orlando, and it would only BOOST the reputation of their Jurassic Park area in Islands of Adventure.

    I mean, how awesome would it be for people to walk through there and start talking about the various Seasons of JP you guys put out.

    I'd love to see that. People for the most part may have forgotten about Jurassic Park. But after enough people play this and word spreads and excitement builds, I think you'll have a STRONG and bigger fanbase for the next Season.
    I would understand if you guys decided not to do another season. It's hard work to please us fans especially since we complain to/critique ya'll so much.
    But if you do decide to do another season here are some things that I'd like to point out.

    1. The whole process will be much less stressful. The game will not be cut and dry, by the book so much, you will have much more free reign, a bigger island, any number of new locations, and any and all the dinosaurs you want to include and nobody will complain (nobody who has a legitimate reason to anyway).

    2. It doesn't have to be right away. We would totally understand if you guys needed a break. These projects seem crazy long to do and extremely complicated to create. But seeing the marine facility, Dr. Sorkin's journal, and characters such as Nima introduced I know that you guys are the people we want to do future Jurassic Park games.

    3. If you do decide to do a season 2 I know that you wouldn't necessarily have to base it off of The Lost World: Jurassic Park. But that's what we're all expecting and it's what we want. And you guys have an uncanny ability to sense and understand what we want and cater to it... I think you guys actually spoil us if that's possible.

    4. And finally, Thanks for a wonderful Game! I know i've already posted on here before but hey I just am really grateful. So regardless if there is a season 2 or not I know I'm satisfied. Well done.
  • I really enjoyed the game.Telltale put a lot of work into it. Thank you Telltale for this great game. :)
  • I just finished the season last night, and I'm as impressed as I was when I started the first scene. You guys nailed the narrative and universe. It all just meshed so well together. You created characters, not archetypes, who continued to evolved with each passing scene. The incorporation of modern findings about dinosaurs was brilliant.

    The best thing, though, was the final act. Everything went down there and everything just worked! The conflicts were well-constructed and had a great amount of dramatic effect.

    You guys have created the world most faithful to the Jurassic Park universe and also the most affecting one. These characters' stories really resonated--especially Dr. Sorkin's--even in the midst of all of the action scenes.

    Congrats--to all of you.
  • bubbledncr;560576 said:
    Reading this thread has made my day.

    This game the most challenging thing I've ever worked on, and a huge effort for the entire team. It means the world to us that you all enjoy it so much.
    The problem facing you now is that you have set the bar very high for yourselves. Just don't pull matrix 2&3 on us with the new seasons ;)
  • THE GAME WAS GREAT! Thanks telltale. I had made my peace with no mustache Gerry, but after I realized that there was one scene that takes place before he tends to the sick trike it made no sense. You guys should have atleast kept the stache and still given him a much more brooding look.
  • Congratulations, TellTale team!

    I had just played the episodes of JP The Game with my wife - also a great JP fan here in Brazil. WE ARE AMAZED!

    I have played all JP games for all plataforms ever, and I must say your game is THE BEST!

    The story is amazingly well-written, the gameplay is the most original possible, and the visual is wonderful.

    Other Paleontologist friends of ours here in Brazil were waiting anxiously for the release of this game and are enjoying a lot.

    Well done! PARABÉNS - Congratulations for your work!
  • Just wanted to give out my thanks to you Telltale for making this awesome game and reminding me that Jurassic Park is indeed one and will always be my favorite movie franchise. I've played alot of Jurassic Park games in the past and they were fun in there own respectable way but this one brought back the fond memories I had of the first movie. Thanks again!! ^^
  • I really liked seeing the chopper with the movie characters zip off when Gerry and Jess first arrive at the visitor center..
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