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Your favorite dinosaur in the Game? (possible spoilers!)

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I am wondering which dinosaurs you liked best in the Game.:) I hope I didn't miss out any of them, Brachiosaurs were only heard and we didn't see any Gallimimuses, so I didn't include them.

My favorite was newcomer Mosasaur, it was awesome.

The Rex was also great, its battle with the Alpha Trike was spectacular, though she may have popped up too often. Transporting dino...

Troodons come third, they were really creepy and dangerous, I loved them.

The others were also pretty cool, maybe except the Herrerasaurs, I don't think they were distinct enough, especially after reading their Jounral entry which descirbed them as cool and very ancient dinosaurs.
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    Gonna vote Troodon, because the Mosasaur was ever-so-slightly dissapointing, if only because the use of sonar to hunt food didn't make it to the final version of the game, and the scene in its environment was over too soon - its still an incredible animal though, bravo!

    But the Troodons (or as they have been nicknamed elsewhere, the Paparazzi, heh) were fascinating - their intelligence, behaviour, appearance, hunting and mannerisms all made for a unique species, and one I really wish we could have seen more of. I particularly liked their unique colour scheme (that band of red down their necks and bellies is really eye-catching, especially in contrast to their pale overall colouration) and the dramatic potential the game got out of their photo-reflective eyes really added to the tension at times (seeing them glowing at the far end of a corridor for example).

    However, I do have a criticism related to the Troodons; after all the build-up in the first three chapters, we don't get much of a resolution out of them. After the puzzle with the blueprints they vanish from the game - as with the Mosasaur, their big scenes were over quite quickly - it would have been nice perhaps to have had a final showdown with them in the caves after the escape from the Marine exhibit and before the grand finale at the North Dock, especially given that they chased Jess, Laura and Billy all the way to the hatcheries; after the tenacity they showed in stalking their prey for miles, its seems like they gave up.

    Ah well, here's hoping for more of those freaky theropods in seasons to come!

    (raises a glass)

    Telltale, we salute you!
  • For me its actually a tie between T-Rex and the Troodons. I love T-Rex and i'm actually happy she showed up [Spoiler]a little bit in each episode[/Spoiler], i thought of it as revenge from the 3rd movie lol.

    However the Troodons were awesome, they creeped me out every time but considering the game that was a good thing.

    I was very impressed with the all the dinos in the game, down to the sounds and the looks.
  • I loved the Troodons. The creepy way they stalked the characters throughout the game and their awesome look sold me. I really want a figurine of those things.
  • The rex will always be my favorite... The troodon was alright but the mosasaur was easily the best new kid on the block.
  • In the game no Gallimimus and Brachiosaurus?.
  • ^^ Nope. Sorry, I was expecting them too. You do hear the Brachiosaurus at one point, but don't see them.

    I voted T-Rex. He will always be #1 in Jurassic Park.
  • Troodon, by far. T-Rex and Velociraptor are also my favorites.
  • Your poll is missing Pteranodon. They were in the game too. Any way my favorite Dino would have to be Tylosaurus (the mosasaur).
  • While the classic from the movie like the T-Rex and the Raptors were extremely well done in the game, I would have to say Troodon. When I first heard Telltale was adding a new dinosaur, I have to admit, I was skeptical about how well it would fit. But they did an amazing job with the Troodon! The design was great, and the way they build their nest... that was creepy, but really added to the suspense and the overall feel of the dinosaur.

    (I'm not sure how to add spoiler tags, so hopefully I didn't spoil anything.)
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