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your favorite characters poll

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well everyone who was your favorite character???
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  • MarkDarin;560629 said:
    Awesome, I was just about to post the exact same poll!! :)
    who was your favorite character Mark? None of that "I love all my children equally" either...
  • robotpo;561077 said:
    The end credits list his name as "Oscar Morales"...
    Same goes for the ID-card shown on screen when making dialogue choices for him.

    Either way, yeah, pretty much Oscar all the way.
  • While all of the characters had their distinctive personality traits and brought their own unique contributions to the game, Oscar was my favorite for pretty much all the reasons that are listed above.
  • I would've laughed if Miles got the landslide of votes. lol
  • This game is full of good characters, and good characterization and story arcs for those characters. I was rather impressed with the writing and how story-driven and character-driven the game is.

    I have to say the Hardings are my favorite though. Gerry was a major character in the book, with a bit part in the movie. It was good to see the character finally get some long-ovedue action. The role of Jess was handled well: The Jurassic Park movies always have an element of experiencing the dinosaurs through the eyes of a child or teen, and this game was able to continue that tradition without it feeling forced and without the character being bratty or annoying.
  • I can't pick a single one. Everyone was great, because for 99% of the game they were all very human. Unlike the most cardboard cutout characters we get in most games these days, and then we wonder why gaming isn't widely accepted as an art form yet.
  • Sesame Street has Oscar the Grouch, Jurassic Park has Oscar the Knife
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