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  • Planeforger;561051 said:
    What's worse now is that the game is being swamped with 0/10 reviews. No matter what you think of the employees' conduct, the game doesn't deserve to be buried like that.
    Well I personally would give the game a 7/10 because I had some issues with it.

    But all in all I had fun playing through it and I felt the nostalgia all the way through.

    So I had fun but with all respect to telltale there is still quite a few flaws that I think should have been adressed and in a game like this, a multiple way of solving things would have been interesting.

    And increased the replay value but instead no matter what you do it seems to lead down the same path, and I believe if they borrowed a little more from heavy rain with the multiple choices, I think this would have gotten better reviews.
  • I became aware of this situation through Penny Arcade. I think Tycho makes a sad, yet true, viewpoint. I support developers having views and opinions of their own games. However when people see user reviews, they expect that they come from an unbiased consumer. It's really unfair as even politicians can vote for themselves. I can see how people can see it as a deceiving tactic if you don't announce that you worked on the game. I agree that the developer blog would be ideal for this. I enjoy reading what developers thought of a game they made (although it is usually comparing it to an upcoming sequel).

    While it is also sad (for humanity) that the good grammar made the posts suspicious, I think it was also the fact that they all gave the game a 10, (which is rarely given out by the more critical, unbiased reviewers) on a game that has had mixed reviews so far.
  • Highly unethical. And, really... I like the game, but was it legitimately a 10-score in their eyes?
  • Telltale, I'm disappointed in you.
  • LuigiHann;561122 said:
    Tycho from Penny Arcade always has a knack for words for tough situations:
    I wonder if this hurts the chances of another At the Inventory game? :p
  • HooblaDGN;561145 said:
    Highly unethical. And, really... I like the game, but was it legitimately a 10-score in their eyes?
    Thats the world of user reviews, where people tend to rate either 0 or 10 in order to bring the average up or down.

    Someone might get on and say "hey i really liked this game though it had some issues, ill give it an 8/10" then notice others who have logged on and maybe said "i hate adventure games, this game sucks 0/10" so the guy who liked it pushes his to a 10 to try to bring the average higher.

    It doesnt even have to be that, a reviewer might just be thinking "hey i really liked this game 10/10" based off of nothing more than he liked it.

    people really need to not put so much stock into user or even critic reviews. its unlikely your going to find many completely unbiased / uninfluenced reviews and in the end the only one you can really trust on how much youll enjoy a game is yourself.
  • That's unfortunate, hopefully the TTG reviews can be removed and those 0 ratings slamming TTG.

    I have no issue with TTG employees, contractors or whatever wanting to review but they should clearly mark it so the reader can judge it based on that.

    And yes, the reviews being flagged for being well written is dreadful.
  • I feel very weird about this. On one hand, yeah, I'm disappointed in those Telltale employees. But at the same time, I think people are making a mountain out of a molehill with this. I feel very conflicted.
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