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Anyone else get repeating dialogue in Ep 1?

posted by martymcfly on - last edited - Viewed by 917 users
Hey guys. I've only played the game for five minutes but noticed something a bit strange.

Near the beginning where you are looking through the binoculars, the dialogue kept repeating. For example, I'd notice something and the characters would comment/a short cutscene would play. Then immediately afterwards, it would all repeat.

Has anybody else had this happen?

I also had the disappearing mouse cursor problem mentioned elsewhere in the forums and my Xbox 360 wireless controller wouldn't work at first. I quit and turned the controller off, then turned the controller back on and loaded the game, which seemed to make it work. However, the repeating dialogue is still happening and I'm not sure if it's my PC/the game?

UPDATE: The rest of Episode 1 seems fine so far!
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