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Double Deluxe: Any chance at applying pay of one to the set?

posted by TJF588 on - last edited - Viewed by 429 users

Announced today, you can get both the Universal Studios games' deluxe packages for seventy bucks, or thirty-five each.

What this means for me is that I passed up on the BTTF Deluxe in favor of JP Deluxe, and still paid three bucks more for that half of the bundle (not counting shipping).

So, is there any chance we could be discounted for the bundle according to what we paid for either of its halves? I'm sure anyone who bought just the games themselves would like to know anything along these lines, too.

If not, that's fine. I've still got BTTF on PSN, so I'm at least not missing out on the most important part of that set.
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