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[JP] cant start episode 2

posted by spikesboy on - last edited - Viewed by 161 users
I have completed episode 1 and when i move to episode 2 scrren and click begin it goes back to episode 1 screen, any ideas why ??

Do i have to have a gold, silver or bronze on each scenario on PC to progress to next episode?
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  • Please try reinstalling the game. We're finding that this only happens if the installation is corrupted, or it wasn't initially installed correctly. Make sure you're extracting the files from the downloaded zip file from our site prior to installation, and that you're not trying to install episodes individually by launching files in the Components directory.
  • I have already re-installed the game and all files were extracted from the Zip file correctly, and had no idea you could install singular episodes have been following install instructions
  • ok now have gold silver or bronze on all levels and still locked and have reinstalled the game for the 5th time and its still locked can someone PLEASE help me out as im getting more and more annoyed at wasting over £48 for 1 episode
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