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your favorite characters poll

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well everyone who was your favorite character???
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  • Gerry Harding is my favorite one.
  • OSCAR IS THE WINNER!!! He's my favorite character. He killed a Raptor, and Sacrificed himself so the others can escape.
  • Oscar's number one, also they updated the fight part to where it plays music, i just played the 360 version, and it has music at that part amazing, also they have music where nima and yoder fight now
  • I'd have to say Gerry, he felt the most real and likable. I didn't like Nima, she felt like a stereotypical "I'm tough on the outside, but i'm really nice because i have a daughter" i don't know, she was too predictable IMO. (I think thats the reason i liked the ending where she chooses the can, because then it gave her more depth, she needed the money for her daughter and she would get it at all costs, that made me like her more.) Billy was an interesting character, sure he was another typical loud mouth merc, but his turn on everybody was something i didn't expect, which was good (wasn't expecting him to turn into a villain haha). Sadly, I also didn't like Oscar that much, maybe it was because the graphics weren't focusing on realism and had cartoony qualities, i just didn't believe he was a bad ass. i don't know, i'm just picky with characters hahahaha XD
  • Drowning witch;561332 said:
    I can't pick a single one. Everyone was great, because for 99% of the game they were all very human. Unlike the most cardboard cutout characters we get in most games these days, and then we wonder why gaming isn't widely accepted as an art form yet.
    i think thats an unfair assessment of video games now-a-days. there are tons of great characters in different genres:

    Alan Wake
    John Marston
    Auron (FFX)
    Chuck Greene
    John Price
    Desmond Miles

    just to name a few. people argue that some of these characters could be cookie cutter characters, but the same could be said for some the Characters in JPtG. saying most games have cutout characters is a bit unfair to modern games, because there are plenty of great amazing characters being created out there.
  • Gerry - I didn't care for him all that much. He isn't a "flat" character, but he isn't very multi-dimensional either. He's sort of a typical everyman hero who is trying to reconnect with his daughter along the way. If he had doubted himself more or been more hesitant throughout the game, I think he would have been more believeable. Not that he was a bad character. I loved how protective he was of Jess.
    Jess - I find her a very real and interesting character. Sure, she's the stereotypical teenager, rebellious and dabbling in different things she shouldn't be, but she learns, changes, and her dialogue is very believable. A part that stuck out to me is during a conversation she had with Dr. Sorkin. "You went to jail?" she asks. Something about that line, about how she couldn't believe Sorkin had gone to jail and is now a scientist, makes her really feel her age.
    Nima - I voted for Nima. Yeah, I guess her plot was sort of predictable, but I truly felt for her. I wanted her to be able to give her daughter a better life, and watching as she began to see Jess as a daughter figure rather than a hostage was very emotional. I love that the player gets the choice at the end as to her ultimate fate. The choice is very natural; even though she has connected with Jess, her daughter is still important to her.
    Oscar - A great hero, very chill, and has some good lines. Although his sacrifice is the best scene in the game, I don't think it makes him the best character. Sure, maybe the "most heroic" or "best person" of the bunch, but I don't think he has the depth necessary for best character.
    Billy - Goes from truly funny to truly messed up all in a few hours. I really enjoyed watching his character arch. He's a great character and I actually cringed from the emotional turmoil he was experiencing.
    Sorkin - Not that great of a character, but I love her dialogue. She raises some great points and made me question Gerry's beliefs and my own. The scenes she was in were some of the most well-written and interesting, I think. I also found her freak out very awesome.
    Miles - lol
  • Yeah,I am surprised that Oscar is actually so popular, he has got just the most epic character in a TTG game
  • Wow, everyone on here has really good points about ALL the characters. However, I voted based on my initial reactions upon playing the game.

    Gerry - My 4th choice. The serious, grounded character. The one who really has no time for jokes and just needs to protect his daughter. I felt he was probably the most vulnerable of them all since he had to take care of Jess. I liked him a lot. I don't know, but I really like the serious, no nonsense characters.
    Jess - A bit annoying at times, but ultimately provided a youthfulness to the story. Excitement and possibly naivete. I liked her okay, but only kinda since I wasn't really into the teen struggles and stuff.
    Nima - My 1st choice. I felt her background story and character arc were the most ironed-out. I understood her plight, understood her decisions, her character was slowly revealed, and I liked how [SPOILER]she changed for the better[/SPOILER] (which is the true ending in my opinion).
    Billy - Along with Oscar I really liked their jokes here and there, laughing in the face of danger. But at the point when [SPOILER]Oscar and D-Caf die he just turned into too much a jerk too suddenly.[/SPOILER] I was not expecting him [SPOILER]to become a villain and I much preferred liking him than disliking him[/SPOILER].
    Oscar - My 3rd choice. The [SPOILER]knife fight[/SPOILER] was pretty cool. And I liked that he wore tattoos for all his sins. Also [SPOILER]his death from a raptor had a very poetic feel to it which I liked[/SPOILER].
    Laura - I liked A LOT of what she said. She definitely had the most philosophical depth. However, I felt that she was painted a bit too crazy, making me never really like her.
    Miles - My 2nd choice. Many will disagree with me on this, but I LOVED this guy. He made me laugh so much. I know he was a jerk, but he was the kind of character that I loved to hate. He was honestly almost my first choice.
  • Oscar rocks!!! he needs that velociraptor tatoo.
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