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Quite a week, I will be around if you want to talk about it

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Hi Everyone, I am just putting up some shelves but I will be checking this thread. We had quite a week this week If you want to ask me about it I will answer what I can.

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    dancon Telltale Staff
    Hi Ribs

    Well Puzzle Agent worked out really well as did Poker Night so either of those could keep rolling but we don't have any one on it now. One thing we are working on is in the R&D group and it involves new technology that takes advantage of the tools ability to create acting performances and uses AI to create a more emergent narrative. Its a little out there now so we are trying to bring it into something that makes sense as a gaming experience.
  • So, just how busy was this week for you? I imagine it must have been really busy with the Jurassic Park release.

    And the questions I just can't hold back but doubt will be answered: Is The Walking Dead game still coming this December? Will there be a S&M 4 or TOMI 2?
  • New question thing; you've fallen into a habit of delaying your games recently. We were led to believe that by the end of the year we'd have BTTF, JP, Walking Dead, and Law and Order all started or possibly finished, leaving room for the remaining two franchises to start in the new year and meaning a fresh set of properties mid-next year. The delays have greatly dulled my enthusiasm for future games, as now I'm very confident we won't see King's Quest until mid-2012 at the earliest and that is the only announced project I've got an interest in right now. It may be due to not finding people capable of the jobs needed or something, but I must ask; Telltale has never been the kind of studio to delay games. The only prior occasion was Strong Bad's Cool Game. Will you be working to make sure you'll be able to meet deadlines and not potentially alienate those not interested in what you're currently working on? I'd also suggest not doing any 'five titles at once' announcements - while it's great in principle, I basically know that I won't be buying any Telltale games for the next year and, had I not been so involved in the community, wouldn't keep up to date with the company and potentially have forgotten of them by the time you announce 'Thing Ribs is Interested In: Season One'.
  • aw man Futurama would be awesome... but I know even FOX had problems resigning the voice actors... so even if FOX agreed there would be major hurtles. oh well. It was nice to know the team felt the same way a lot of us has about that property.
  • Since I'm no good at thinking up insightful questions, I'll just go with a fun one.

    Who's your favorite Telltale-created character? By that I mean a character that originated in a Telltale game, rather than, say, Stan or Doc Brown. Jurgen, for example.
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    dancon Telltale Staff
    Hi Irish Smile

    Really I can only see the games as things that I work on because I don't really consume them as finished products. But the things that stand are

    The Two Bone Games- In the early days we were able to really focus on what we were building (when we weren't raising $). There was alot of love in the game and I think the Love Poem for Thorn and The Dinner Table scene were two things that stood out for me because of there uniqueness.

    Sam and Max- Believe me when I tell you Sam and Max is the funnest content you could work on in games, and of course having Brendan Q Ferguson on board. It was hard work to nail it but we laughed our asses off the whole time. Stand outs for me where Abe Lincoln Must Die, Night of the Raving Dead, and The interrogation in They Saved Max's Brain. I always see majus when I see that Tourist

    Monkey- This one the relationships were great Human Lechuck doing the adventure puzzle with Guybrush made me laugh so hard

    SBCG4AP- The Chapmans are great people and so talented. Whenever we got voice back from them it was a great time and they did all the crazy publicity with us. I have a fondness for Dangeresque because I was once part of a public access comedy troupe.

    BTTF- Working on the story for the game was great I remember Ryan Jones created those concepts that nailed it and AJ was unbelieveable. And spending a couple of hours talking concepts with Mr Bob Gale is an experience I will never forget

    JP- I love the Third Episode and I Love Dodgson. I cannot wait until I can use " I have to make a phone call to an idiot" in a real conversation
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    dancon Telltale Staff
    Hi MathMan

    Right now we aren't working on either but it would be much easier for us to do something with Sam and Max then Monkey at this point. We are working on the plan for next year now so we will be talking about. As far as WD after a week like last week I am reticent to say anything that can be made into a story but I will push the folks here to get an update out soon
  • First off, let me just say that ToMI and Sam and Max Season 2 are two of the finest adventure games I've ever played and I will forever be a fan of your company and I will forever be a fan of your company for bringing those gems into my life (I mean that in an admiration way, not an asskissery way.)

    This is kind of a longshot but I would be remiss if I didn't ask, have you guys been in communication with LucasArts much since Darrell Rodriguez stepped down? There was once a time when Tales of Monkey Island was your most successful game but there really hasn't been any talk of the franchise continuing of late, either from you guys of LA themselves. Even if it's just the opinion of you as a fan and not as the co-founder of Telltale do you think they have any intention of continuing the franchise or is it uncertain?
  • Woah, Thanks for answering my questions!
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    dancon Telltale Staff
    Hi Ribs,

    You know we really pushed hard with JP to get a world wide multiplatform release including Xbox retail and Ipad 2. We felt this as a critical thing for the company to succeed and I think we are stronger because of it, but I can't honestly say its gone down in the way we had intended. So I think we are a little humbled by the fact that Telltale can be part of a internet sh*tst%rm the same week that Skyrim and Saints Row and Modern Warfare come out. We are already sitting back and looking at the situation and thinking its time to be more deliberate about things and more focused. And I am really energized at taking everything we have learned and improving Telltale as a company.

    PS Ribs if we were working on something you liked this year would you have bought it?
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