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who thinks these two companies should join together and or just get permission and make jurassic park operation genesis a lot better, with male and female dinos, more dinos too clone, like baryonyx, carnotaurus, suchomimus, and troodon??? also you can control the dinos of course, and you could create film characters too redo movies and everything, also have the original buildings from movies, add pterenedons too the list, battlefield 3 graphics of course, you would have an option if you want too make them on the mainland or an island, also you would have marine animals like mososaur, you can also control people. Yeah this would take at lest 2 to 3 years to make something like this, but it would be worth it. You can control people from the movies too like allen grant, dr. sattler, ian malcolm, sara harding, jessi harding, gerry harding, Dr sorkin. Also if telltale wouldn't mind giving their own opinion on this they can!!! If they want to join forces with blue tongue; also the island option, they can also choose between isla nublar and isla sorna. Also you can creates your own island, add herrarasaurs too the list as well, also the original dinos from the old jpog :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D please dont delete this guys really want telltales opinion on this also very much!:)
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