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Achievement: Life Finds a Way.

posted by Magic Emperor on - last edited - Viewed by 767 users
Sorry if this was answered elsewhere. I searched but didn't find any results. Anyway, I have a question about the achievment Life Finds a Way. It states, "Stay alive from beginning to end." Does it mean to stay alive (I assume this means never get a game over) for a whole chapter, or the entire game? Because if it's the latter... whoo, boy, I would never unlock it. :o
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  • I believe its for an episode. If it was for the WHOLE game then that is a 99% impossible. :eek:
  • Haha, exactly. When I thought that was the case I just stared at the achievement's requirement like ಠ_ಠ "No way."
  • Yes it only needs to be 1 episode complete for it. Just beat episode 1 (which is the easiest on deaths) and got it.
  • Thanks, Wombat! Have a cold one, on me.
  • Does it have to be all in one playthrough, in order, for it to work? Or can I go back and replay scenarios to get gold rating and still get the achievement?
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