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Jurassic Park The Game: Review thread - post your impressions here!

posted by waroftheworlds01 on - last edited - Viewed by 38.5K users
The release date for the game is finally here and I'm sure everyone will be dieing to voice their opinions on the game as well as post reviews from other websites. Instead of having thousands of post with different reviews, I figured it would be easier to have one thread dedicated to Jurassic Park reviews.

I haven't been able to play it yet but I will be posting seperate reviews for each episode here as I finish them.

So if anyone wants to share their opinon after finally getting to play the game, or want to share links to reviews of the game from other website here's a great thread to do it.

And, of course, try to use those Spoiler tabs when needed!!!
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  • Six mo. old computor . high end graphics card and processor. Exceed recommended requirements. I'm just saying they could have put a little effort into developing this game. Finished episode one in an hour. And good for you.
    Glad you have the best system out there.
  • My computer is somewhat new, but I wouldn't say 'BRAND SPANKIN' NEW!'. This game works fine for me. What exactly is it doing, just when you try to play the 2nd episode, it restarts at the beginning of the 1st?
  • Good points of the game
    1-Mutiple Choices:In a similair fashion to games such Mass Effect or Dragon Age,choices you make can have different outcomes,like for instance choosing the intruder girls profession to the guard will be mentioned several more times in the game,i chose exterminator.

    2-Mutiple Endings:Although both are similair and based just on 1 choice

    3-Good Graphics:The T-Rex and Mosasaurus looked fantastic as well as the enviroments,however the Troodons looked very poorly in fact they looked more like aliens then dinosaurs with their big buldging eyes O___O

    Bad points of the game:

    1-No Island Exploration:Most people wanted to explore the island,the vistors center,and many dinosaur exhibits,perhaps even take a tour ride,very few dinosaurs were featured

    2-Short Gameplay:I beat this game in literally 4 hours then quickly returned it

    3-Lack of puzzles,Repetitive Sequences:The biggest puzzle in the game was in fact when your looking for the shaving cream can,none of the other puzzles even came close to the excitement or the length,most the game your either running or sneaking around dinosaurs and being a short game as it is i was hoping for variety.

    4-Main focus on Troodon:Most dinosaurs were overlooked to make the Troodon seem most active and important in the game,many other dinosaurs from the movies and Books were not included at all,the troodons also looked poor like they were not even dinosaurs.

    5-The Ending:The Ending was really pretty lame,you run from a T-Rex jump in a boat and sail away,didnt feel very climatic at all with no twist at the end,felt more like the end of the third movie cept worst.

    6:The T-rex aka Pac-man:Dubbed pac-man due to the fact it behaves like jaws from the speilberg movie in the fact through the game it constantly kept eating nonstop clearly not possible able to fit and digest everything it consumed,also was clearly not normal animal behavior,in 2 days it managed to eat enough to clearly feed 3 T-Rex'es for a week each.

    I know people are gonna hark and put me down but i try and be fair to each game i approach,however with all respect i knew this game was gonna be like a interactive movie but it just didnt have the feel of jurassic park in it,nor the hands on dinosaur experience,most the game i was simply running from a t-rex,raptor,or troodon,it was also clearly too short a game for this day and age.
  • RaventheBlack;561926 said:
    Good points of the game
    1-Mutiple Choices:In a similair fashion to games such Mass Effect or Dragon Age,choices you make can have different outcomes,like for instance choosing the intruder girls profession to the guard will be mentioned several more times in the game,i chose exterminator.
    I would move this point to the 'Bad points' section. The game offers the player choices, but these choices have no effect on the story. The game is in fact very linear and shallow.
  • Characters:

    I'm shocked with all the love the characters are getting, not one of them is original or well written. Each one of them is a walking cliche. From the soldier with a troubled past seeking redemption, to the mad scientist or rebellious teen with daddy isssue. It's all very predictable and superficial.
    (It also didn't help that Telltale doesn't define half these characters until the very end of the game.)


    I loved how Telltale begins the story that parrallels the events of the original film. It was great to relive some of those moments. Unfortunately, after the first episode the story seemed to be irrelevant and non-existent. The designers ditch compelling storytelling and character development for endless action sequences and tedious button prompts. The writers had the chance to explore the themes of the original film, raising deep ethical questions about creationism and technology. But instead they go for the lazy rescue mission approach, which was very disappointing. I felt there was alot to de desired in this area, and didn't really feel true to the original film.


    I'll just leave this section blank. Taking apart this portion will just get me upset.
  • NO REGRETS. Sure something could have been better, didn't like the Troodons much, and I hated a few characters *cough*Sorkin*cough* But it did it's job and I freaking Loved the game! Thanks Telltale E>
  • Umm, are you guys even aware of what you are talking about? A cinematic experience should be linear, please don't act like every game should have freedom, exploration and multiple choices/ways.
  • Tanshaydar;562075 said:
    Umm, are you guys even aware of what you are talking about? A cinematic experience should be linear, please don't act like every game should have freedom, exploration and multiple choices/ways.
    I almost choked to death.

    You realize all those "games with choices" actually are ten times more cinematic that JP the game ? Right ?

    If not, then I am so sorry for you.

    Also, to the author, "multiple choices like Mass Effect and Heavy Rain". I laughed.

    The actual thing to say was "choices as wide the ones you get in the Back to the Future game !!!!".
  • Gameplay:

    I'll just leave this section blank.
    Perfect summary.
  • Well, I've just finished all 4 episodes. I am now ready to do my review, but I want to keep it short and as spoiler-free as possible. So here goes.

    The first two eps are fantasic. They replicate the atmosphere and intensity of the films (especially the first film) perfectly. These episodes are also chock-full of JP film references that I think the efacionados will really enjoy. Best of all they both feature some brillant cinematic set-pieces, including (these will be the only spoilers (promise)) a titanic fight between two iconic dinos in the first episode and a brillant section involving a roller-coaster style ride in the second. The difficulty level is also set about right with two or three of the sceneros being genuinely difficult, whilst the rest is reasonably easily managed. The storyline flows rapidly, and the balance of play between the different parties of characters is well-balanced. Many critics have cited bugs in the game, however I got to be honest I didn't really come across any in these first two episodes (although I did get some slow-down in the cinematic real-time button pressing sequences at times, which was irratating). Excellent start to the series! Ratings- ep1 9/10, ep 2 8/10.

    We start to hit problems with the third episode. In fact, it is so much worse than the first two episodes that it almost felt that it wasn't part of the same game. Playing the third episode was the first time I considered the game too hard. The number of times I was dying made the thing almost comical, but still slighly irratating. Worse still the story-line seemed to have dried up, and there is nothing comparible to the brillance of the aforementioned roller-coaster ride or climatic dino battle. The episodes switches from one party of characters to the next with wanton abandon, making it difficult to really get into the flow of the story. Worst of all though is that those bugs that the critics mentioned suddently reared their ugly heads, particularly in the power plant section. I had cursor icons go missing, characters climb up ladders even though they had already climbed them and several other problems. I shouldn't be too negative, this episode isn't absolutely terrible, but it came as a shock to me just how less enjoyable it was to play then eps 1 and 2. I am curious, does anybody else who has played all the eps agree with me on this? Rating 5/10.

    Episode 4 does signal something of a recovery from the dissappointment of ep 3. But it still isn't quite as good as eps 1 and 2. Firstly, the difficulty level has improved slightly although the Troodon fight (sorry, another spoiler) is still too hard in my view (I died an awful lot on that bit!). There is no annoying to-ing and fro-ing between the characters that plagued the third episode (thankfully!). The ending is also pretty good (with at least two possible variations that I can detect). There is also a return to some of the good puzzle elements of the first two games (ep 3 is lacking in that department as well). Rating- 7/10.

    I guess there are two other general comments that I would like to make. The first is that the style of game (real time action, or whatever you want to call it) generally lends itself to dieing many (MANY) times. If you are the kind of person who gets frustrated easily, then this probably isn't the type of game for you. On the plus side though Telltale have cleverly worked in a couple of features to ease this frustration considerably, the first is that the game auto-saves very frequently and so you only need to succesfully finish a little piece of real-time action in order to make some progress in the game. The second is that the buttons you have to press are made easier if you fail on the same bit twice or more.

    The second general comment is that this is difficult to compare to other Telltale games, simply because it is so different. If I was forced into making a comparison I would say that I enjoyed eps 1 and 2 just as much as Sam and Max or Monkey Island. Unfortunately, ep 3 kind of spoilt it for me a little (and was probably the least enjoyable Telltale experience I have had). Overall rating 7.5/10.
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