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What we have learned from Jurassic Park (Just for fun thread)

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I made a simmiliar thread in the BTTF forums and decided to make one here as well
Anyway here are my picks keep adding them guys

#1 You should always put locking mechanisms on the vehical doors.
#2 If there is a fatass who isn't very nice.... don't allow him admin access.
#3 Dont let the token black guy go to the power hut alone.
#4 Dont climb electric fences. Ever.
#5 Always put shaving cream on someone else's pie.
#6 Wash your hands before you eat anything
#7 Make sure you run it over when you come back down.
#8 Know the magic word.
#9 Dont openly admit you hate kids, because you will get stuck with them the entire time.
#10 Always check the vending machines first for devious people.
#11 If its heavy, its expensive.
#12 When ya gotta go, you gotta go.
#13 Kids get scared.
#14 Never ask "where's the goat?" You will find the goat.
#15 Rippling water = Danger
#16 Chances are, if you were in the jeep before, you'll end up in a jeep again.
#17 Same thing applies to trees.
#18 Climbing down trees is not impossible.
#19 Nobody cares that we got Dodson here.
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  • 326 never stay too long they will find you
  • #327 never corner an infant t-rex its daddy is usually around the corner
  • #328 never tease an infant stegosaur it always ends bad
  • #329 never hire a guy with budder fingers, could end up shutting down the power
  • #330 t-rex pee attracts a much bigger one with a spine
  • # 331 want to have fun, ride a dirt bike inbetween Mamenchisaurus legs
  • Edit: the 3 posts under me were shown before mine was approved, so I fixed my numbers to start after 334 :D

    335 Dodgson likes to make cab drivers mad by leaving his door open.

    336 When given money and gadgets, morbidly obese people squeal like dolphins.

    337 They also squeal when falling in the mud.

    338 Dinosaurs, uh, had their shot. And nature...selected them...for extinction.

    339 Never feed a triceratops west indian lilac.

    340 You can get a blood sample by tapping on the other person's finger.

    341 Keep your hands off the steering wheel of a car up a tree.

    342 Always remember the magic word.

    343 When going to the ladies room on Sorna, always chuck a pebble at the headphone-wearing lookout first.

    344 The beach on Sorna is not the best place to have lunch.

    345 Don't make the same mistakes again. Make all new ones.

    346 Baby stegosaurs are afraid of camera noises.

    347 The high hide puts you at a convenient biting height.

    348 Frior Tuck was really a Pachycephalosaurus.

    349 If a T Rex is chasing you in the city, never run for the video store.

    350 Military grade satellite phones don't work well on Sorna.

    351 Personal satellite phones do work on Sorna, even after being eaten by a Spinosaur.

    352 Always bring exact change for random candy machines. Or make sure you have strong legs.
  • #332 Don't listen to the wrong scientists
  • # 333: Dinosaurs always abandon their nests, only to return after disaster has struck.

    For Example: in The Lost World: Jurassic Park the Tyrannosaurs leave their nest, resulting in their baby being kidnapped; in Jurassic Park III, the Raptors leave their nest unattended (on a river bank!) giving Amanda and Paul Kirby to run straight into it, and providing an opportunity for Billy Brennan to steel Raptor eggs; and in Jurassic Park: The Game both Dilophosaurus and Troodon leave their nests unguarded. One of the Dilophosaur's eggs gets broken as Billy Yoder steps onto it.
  • #334. Sparing no expense does not include bloodthirsty-animal fighting weapons.
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