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  • Totally agree, it's really annoying having to listen to the dialogue over and over again. :( All the other Telltale games have this as far as I recall.
  • I've thought the same. But it motivated me to get it right this time.
  • yup, it's really annoying, specially if you are trying to get the golden medals...

    patch this ASAP please ;)
  • The worst for me was [SPOILER]the fight between Nima and Yoder[/SPOILER]. There's quite a bit of dialogue before you get to any actions, and when they do come there's so many quick button presses that you'll have to restart nearly instantly. The only way I could get the gold was to write down the whole sequence of buttons to press, and even when I knew the combos I STILL HAD A HARD TIME. I watched that intro dialogue so... many... times...

    Maybe they could've put the last checkpoint/save right before the actions get going.
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