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issue 45245, no package for six months

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I am posting the following simultaneously as: 1. a thread in the Shopping or Activation forum, 2. a private message to Amy Lukima and 3. an email to the support. Sorry for any confusion it may cause, but I have, frankly, lost most my patience and am doing what I can to draw attention to my case. The timeline of which is as follows:

- On December 5th, 2010, I placed the order #600088887074027 in the Telltale store.
- On December 22nd, 2010, I placed the order #600092385753848.
- The digital part of the orders I received straightaway (although not without some troubles, but they have been solved by the Support since).
- The packages with the physical items from my orders were supposedly dispatched on January 5th and January 4th, respectively.
- On March 10th, nine weeks since they were sent, I had not received either of them by post, so I sent a query to the Telltale Support. It was assigned the code 'issue-45245'. I specifically asked not to reply via email, because from my previous experiences it transpired I am one of those Gmail users to whom the answers from the Support for some reason never get through.
- On March 15th, Amy replied via PM telling me she can initiate a tracking request which would take a few days and asking me to check around at my local post.
- On April 16th, I reported that the inquiries at my local post didn't bring any effect and asked what next.
- On April 21st, Ms. Lukima asked whether I would like it shipped to the same address as previously, which I took to mean that Telltale decided to reship the packages instead of, or independently of, tracking the lost ones. (Admittedly, I was never told that, I just assumed that's the only logical reason for why she would ask). I answered yes.
- Finally, on June 8th, I wrote a following PM:

"Hi, any updates? It's been another six weeks. I must admit I am getting increasingly indifferent about getting the actual items, but it's pretty sad I don't know whether you: 1. are still tracking the original packages, 2. had reshipped the orders, and the new ones also got lost along the way 3. perhaps replied to me about the matter via email despite my warning such answer won't probably reach me or 4. something else entirely.

Look, I'd even understand (even though, of course, I wouldn't find it particularly classy) if you decided it wasn't profitable to send me those things once, let alone for a second time (the prices really were a steal, after all). I was even entertaining the thought of adding something from the current 75% offer and kindly asking you to add my missing games and merchandise to this new order. But I have to (and deserve to) know what's the actual status of my case first.


Today, a month after I sent the above (visibly irritated, but I believe polite) message, yet another eleven weeks after I assumed (perhaps foolishly) that the packages were dispatched again, and seven months after I originally did the shopping, I'd like to kindly ask for one (but preferrably both) of the following ASAP:

- A "refund" of all the non-digital items I bought. Since, luckily for Telltale, they all happened to actually cost $0 (and really, that's the only reason my patience hasn't run out months ago) due to being either on sale or a disc versions for a full seasons I had already owned, in this case I define refund as simply changing my account settings so as to I am once again able to add free disc versions of the seasons I own when (or rather if) I ever feel like making an order at Telltale store again, plus a coupon for a free Back to the Future Card game.
- A precise information of how many of each of the packages were sent to me and on what dates, and what was done about their non-arrival.

Thank you.
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  • Just FYI and to minimize the support staff's possible confusion, the version of the above post that I sent via email was assigned number 50678 by the automatic response.
  • Hi, me again.

    Unsusprisingly, still no package, but I've just realized I am once again able to buy Sam & Max seasons 2 and 3 for just the shipping costs! I assume it's actually you guys fulfilling my request (rather than, say, a technical glitch), for which I kindly and humbly thank you ...except I'd appreciate if you let me know you fixed it! :rolleyes: Here I thought I had been entirely ignored, and I only found the opposite out by accident following the link from your most recent newsletter. (If the support notified me by email, then they still don't reach me, apparently).

    However, I am having trouble adding Tales of Monkey Island DVD to my cart. It does appear on the store page costing $0, so I guess the system recognizes me as a season owner, but clicking either the price tag or "More info" only leads me back to the store's main page. Would this be possible to sort out, preferrably before the "15% off" promo ends?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    This guy;538024 said:
    However, I am having trouble adding Tales of Monkey Island DVD to my cart. It does appear on the store page costing $0, so I guess the system recognizes me as a season owner, but clicking either the price tag or "More info" only leads me back to the store's main page.
    Try this link.
  • Thanks for trying to help, but this link only allows me to buy an all-new copy of Tales for $34.99.

    Considering the lack of official reply, plus the fact that I can suddenly no longer add Sam & Max's second season disk for $0, and on the other hand seeing how I am continuously reminded on the store page to get the free DVD for BTTF (which I don't own, although, (dis)honestly, I am close to ordering it instead of the seasons I should be able to get, just out of spite) I must conclude that this was all some kind of glitch after all? Oh well. Colour me disappointed.
  • Seeing as we are approaching the orders' anniversary, any chance for some kind of reply (even a negative one)? :mad:
  • Taking this to PM, but for the record, we definitely did email back a response to anything we received from you. I understand you're having issues with those emails, however, but it wasn't that your issue was being ignored.

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