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Mutant Dilophosaur Sign?

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Just a little observation, but one which I really have to explore.

When Miles and Nima climb over the electric fence, and the camera pans right to the sign, I notice that the Dilophosaur skull reflects the 'mutated' version, missing the notch between the two forebones of the jaw, as the prop used in the film infamously did.

But noteably, the signs in the movie, on Telltale's website, and the 'bronze' medal, all use the correct version.

What I'm wondering, is if that pen was actually one of the 'quaratine pens near the docks' that Sorkin mentions in her journal, and that a first batch of 'mutated dwarf dilos' have been moved here temporarily until InGen decides what to do with them. Meanwhile, a new batch of juvenille 'corrected' dilos have been introduced into the tour paddocks, and will eventually grow to full size.

This is the only way in my mind to reconcile the following points;

A: The website refers to the dilos as juvenille
B: Dilo eggs are seen possibly twice in the game, suggesting the animals have reached adulthood
C: Sorkin refers to them as being stunted in their growth
D: Prop materials for 'Lost World' show the dilos growing to twenty feet in length
E: The conflicting paddock emblems

I may honestly be reading too much into this, but I do know that the use of the mutated skull on the sign must have been a concious decision, which both amuses and intrigues me. Surely there was a reason for this choice...

...right, Telltale?
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