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Metacritic scores...

posted by anthoto1 on - last edited - Viewed by 862 users
... are terrible.

60/100 and less from the press.

3/10 from the users.

That was predictable. Some of us have been trying for months to warn Telltale that this game was going in the wrong direction.
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  • Guys, as I understand, we finished only 4 episodes. When will be next episodes, and will they be?
  • Those reviews mean nothing. I think the game is good, therefore it is.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Read those user reviews and you might understand that there is some serious bias involved - which might or might not be understandable. I am just sad to see that a rather reliable source of opinions about what people really think of the game is going down the drain because of this bias.
  • anthoto1;563142 said:
    ... are terrible.

    60/100 and less from the press.

    3/10 from the users.
    Hey Telltale did their best to prevent that issue :p
  • Metacritic's user scores mean nothing, zero, zilch. The site is too much of a magnet for fanboys giving 10's and others giving "revenge" 0's.

    Take a look at the user scores on GameSpot -- they're pretty much in line with critics' scores (slightly better, which is typical of most games), because there are more gamers giving their real opinions so the outliers get drowned out.

    Opposable Thumbs has a more thoughtful take on the situation: "Jurassic Park devs tried to game user reviews. Who hasn't?"

    I posted elsewhere my analysis about the critic's scores being an accurate reflection of why the game does not appeal to many non-casual gamers. But there's no question that there are many others who are enjoying the game a great deal. The latter are just going to have to live with the fact that the gaming press represents the former and therefore critics scores are quite legitimate (or they can bury their heads in the sand and claim "bias" if it makes them feel better).

    The thing is, Telltale isn't stupid. They know they made a game that doesn't appeal to hardcore gamers. Believe me, they're not shocked by the critics reviews -- they're grown-ups and they should be able to handle it.
  • perhaps we fans should vote to get better grades...Telltale made a mistake indeed, but game deserved better grades. To me is 9/10. :)
  • benzopil;563143 said:
    Guys, as I understand, we finished only 4 episodes. When will be next episodes, and will they be?
    There are no more. That's it. They were originally going to release one at a time but they changed their plans and waited until all the episodes were complete. That's all there is.
  • Normally Id say user reviews are about as useful as a screen door on a submarine, but given the lack of polishing and optimizing that has lead to numerous threads about latency, sound choppiness on both the PC and PS3 versions Id have to say that (at least on this one particular issue) I have no complaints.

    Theres always going to be bugs, Ive never found a game that didnt need to be patched at least once, but in this day and age ignoring basic system optimization is pretty inexcusable even for a company thats not a AAA developer. Optimization is as basic a feature as expecting a television to come with a remote control. True, there have been AAA titles that were probably far less "optimized" than this, and while such an issue in regards to the PC version can be slightly overlooked due to the nigh impossible nature of trying to make a game compatible with every possible configuration, the fact that there are latency issues on the console versions is honestly shocking at best considering other more intense games that the 360 and PS3 can run without any such issues (Heavy Rain, LA Noir, Crysis 2, etc).

    Now, were those user/critic reviews overblown, yes. I think the game at least sits at a 75% (-5% for texture quality,-10% lack of exploration, -10% lack of optimization)
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