Episode 4 Elevator?

I am on Episode 4, Dr. Sorkin used the elevator and now I need to use it. I guess. I can't seem to make sense of the elevator codes. Which card do I choose and why? I don't see the pattern. Then I don't understand the elevator control key. If I click on what I think would be reset, it backs out. I have no option to put in a code.


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    As for the pattern, go to the water fountain thingy where Jess is sitting and look at the order of the eras. Write them down. Now go to the whiteboard that has the days of the week. Write down the days of the week and the corresponding era. You should be able to match it up and see what comes next.

    As for the elevator, I think if I remember correctly you have to push and hold the mouse down for 3 seconds. You don't physically enter in any code. Done properly, the red light goes off on that panel.
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    Regarding the control key, click it all the way to "Input". Count for three seconds, or wait until the red light turns on, then click it once to the right to go to "Reset" mode. Then, if you have the codes correct on the board, Harding will enter the code and the elevator will open.
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    ha i just pick random codes lol
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