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    Sinaz20 Telltale Alumni
    Oh, those dastardly timed button hits.

    We tutorialized them in the jungle hack scene... but I know that if you're focused on the characters, you can easily miss those tutorial tooltips.

    It's a balancing act... break the pacing? Put the tooltip screen center in your face? What to do?

    They can be especially frustrating if you fail and have to replay and you start anticipating them.

    Just take a breath and watch for those pulse rings.
  • Thanks - I'll try it.
    Right now, I just updated my nvidia graphics driver and now the game won't load even after a clean install. Sheesh
  • Sinaz20;559911 said:
    Oh, those dastardly timed button hits.
    If you're the one that designed the "creep past a t-rex to get the can" challenge in episode 3, I'm... going to shake my fist at you.


    I've walked over, cracked a branch, run back like a girl to safety, been yelled at because I'm a klutz so many ^%&*()ing times. That thing is the bane of my existence at this point.
  • The rock thing I got. It's how to get the cars in order I'm stuck on. I can get them in order of 2-3-1 but am not sure how to arrange 3-2-1 order. It's probably really easy once I see it play out but until then it's like a rubik's cube where I'm getting every combination except the right one.
  • Disregard. It wasn't apparent that 4 cars could fit into the main track. I thought it was only 3 at a time. That space makes a big difference for puzzle solving.
  • Personally what got me wasn't the timed ones it was the quick sequences where from the icon appearing to having to press it you had like virtually no time to think; particularly the stacked ones. It was so not cool to have different keys in 1 stack that's so time sensitive; if I paused for like a millisecond to read the symbols I got eaten due to being to slow if I didn't pause I got eaten because I hit right right right instead if right right down. It ended up being less about skill and more about how many times will I need to die before I have done all the key press segments to memorise them so I can pass em.

    Also about it not being apparent there's space for 4 cars when you first do the puzzle Jess says "looks like there's space for 4 cars on the track"
  • wow guys i figured out all this on my own, but you couldnt, it was actually pretty simple, just pushing buttons;)
  • I really don't like the controls. I think they detract from the game.
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