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TV-TROPES - Add your tropes now.

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Here's the link to the game's main page at TV-Tropes.

I need some volunteers to add my tropes for me because I can't log in to the website...And if you can think of your own tropes to add to the page, go right ahead.

Here are the tropes I want to add to the page:

Too Dumb to Live - REPLACE Yoder with Miles...Yoder was NOT too dumb to live for turning against the heroes. He had a well thought-out plan to escape, and he would've won if Jess hasn't stolen the embryos...Miles, on the other hand, was definitely too dumb to live because:
1) He owned a gun when he was a lousy shot.
2) He was dumb enough to think that pushing a skinny woman down was going to be enough to distract a dozen dilophosaurs.

Jess is a White Sheep...and she seems to have a Precocious Crush on both Yoder and Carlos. (At least it's up for speculation.)

Sorkin is a Well-Intentioned Extremist and The Watson(possible subversion).

Before Yoder's face-heel-turn, he provides the following tropes:
- The Casanova
- Big Damn Hero (at the Bone Shaker)
- Jerk with a Heart of Gold
- Deadpan Snarker

AFTER his face-heel-turn, he provides:
- Chaotic Evil
- Evilly Affable during his final confrontation at the North Dock.

Oscar's tropes:
- Badass Normal

NOTE: Remember that any page on TV-Tropes can also have its own "Characters" subpage. (Just like the YMMV and Headscratchers.)
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