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What's episode 5?

posted by dirtywhitesniperjr. on - last edited - Viewed by 2.3K users
I herd there was 5 episodes so whats episode 5?
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  • yea, telltale, it would be nice if u can say us what was really cut at the end?
  • bloodkiller630;564118 said:
    wait how do they put the medicine in the waters of isla sorna, if they survived more than they were supposed to?
    If you're asking how the dinosaurs on Site B survived the Lysine Contingency, they answer that in the movie. The herbivores eat agama beans and soy, generally anything lysine rich. And the carnivores eat the herbivores. Mystery solved.
  • I'm pretty sure Dr Sorkin in some way killed her assistant based on how many movies go and based on how unstable she was,i'm sure she fed him to the troodons or something like that,or didn't save him after they had an animal dispute because his methods differed from hers.
  • It would be quite nice if we have seen tour vehicle/jeep passing through main gate :)
  • I think Telltale should release either an episode 3.5 to show what happens with Gerry and Nima or an Episode 0 with a bit more insite to the events of the original movie


    and also make it a free episode :3
  • bubbledncr;564329 said:
    I didn't get involved in the design of episode 4 until fairly late in its story development - at that point, the story was pretty final, and if anything changed, it was pretty minor just to make things work better from an animation aspect - but as far as I know, they weren't ever supposed to be separated for much longer than what's currently in the episode. But they may have cut a puzzle or something before I was involved in those conversations.
    It just felt like there was a lot of unrealised potential for drama there, like their separation was building to something and wasn't just an excuse to get Gerry and Nima alone in order to reveal Nima's backstory, but I guess that's all it was. I mean they did need to get Nima's backstory out of the way, it just felt like there was more potential there story-wise. It should be noted, however, that as a writer myself I am obsessed with narrative structure.
  • Irishmile;562794 said:
    Instead of the game being broken into 5 episodes one every month for 5 months they released it complete and in four episodes instead of 5.
    I prefer the 5 episodes over 5 months. I like clicking on the individual episodes and playing a different part of the story.
  • Clord;563121 said:
    Reminds of those FFVII rumors what are not true.
    With the analog sticks! you can save her or bring her back!:p.... not :(
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