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Next episodes on iPad

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when we can have the remaining episodes on the iPad? :confused:
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  • Ottoman;562703 said:
    when we can have the remaining episodes on the iPad? :confused:
    My guess is they'll release the episodes on iPad one by one monthly, same as they would normally do with their other games. On console or PC, getting all four together in one package was no problem for them. But on iPad it might've been too difficult for them to stuff it all into a single app without exceeding a certain file size limit
  • Thats too long between chapters
  • Its best not to rush them and let them take time to pack in what they need for the games,otherwise your gonna buy an episode beat it in an hour and then get bored real quick,and because its an ipad msot likely it will be toned down a bit compared to the main game.
  • From Dan Connors' Q&A thread
    jp-30;562290 said:
    Thanks Dan, my breath remains bated.

    Also, me & the lad are loving Jurassic Park on the iPad - gonna be odd to have to switch to PC to play the remaining 3 eps if we can't wait for the iPad releases. Is there a schedule for eps 2-4? Approx monthly?
    dancon;562296 said:
    We are currently focused on 2. It will likely be quicker than monthly but we are going to go over all 3 with a fine tooth comb so that might make it take longer. I am glad you are enjoying it.
  • The feeling for playing the next episode is completely fading away if it's taking them so long for the next part

    Still nothing :(
  • I would like to know when the rest of the episodes are coming please message on my mail when its released
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