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Control Panel - Email and password settings?

posted by t_a_o on - last edited - Viewed by 572 users

I was wondering why it's not possible to edit our email and password settings under the control panel?

The reason I would like to do this, is that I completely forgot what email I used with my username :)

I now know what email I used thanks to Scott :)
But I still wonder why we can't change the email and password ourselves....
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  • Email addresses were a problem because it required some backend integration that wasn't available to us. Now we could do it, but don't have the development time because of other stuff we're workin' on. It's definitely on the to-do list, but it happens rarely enough that it's not a crazy high priority.

    Passwords you can change yourself, you just have to do it through your My Telltale page (or via the link zackspyfox033 posted, although that page is pretty ugly because it's meant to happen in a popup).
  • I know we can change password under the telltale games site, but thanks for the direct link :)

    And tabacco I appreciate your reply.
    It really isn't a biggie to me - it's just something other Forums offers, so I was curious.
    And of course because I couldn't see my email.
  • I accidentally had two accounts with different emails - one for the forums, and one I'd purchased some stuff under. Of course, I ended up having different purchases under each account! I only realised my mistake when I got two copies of the email newsletter.

    A quick email to Emily via [email][/email] and it was all sorted out, so I have one email address registered, one account, and my full purchase history in the one account as well :)

    So if you want to change your associated email address, just ask Support! :)
  • Actually, that was what I did yesterday cuz I had the same problem :D
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