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[JP Mac] Key assignment to gamepad

posted by jonaslindeberg on - last edited - Viewed by 254 users
I'm having a blast, the game is great and I'd really like an option to watch the scenes in order (w/o interaction) just for the story. But that's not what this post is about.

I'm configuring my Xbox 360 controller to work better and better. I've mapped all the regular commands all fine, but I'd like to further assign scene selection to buttons and so on.

Have any of you found out the complete list of possible commands possible by keyboard input? That would be great help.
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  • My configuration so far consists of:

    Right thumbstick: Mouse movement
    Right shoulder button: Left mouse-click
    Left shoulder button: Right mouse-click (to quit dialogues)
    D-pad: Arrow keys (W/D/S/A, clockwise)
    Y/B/A/X: Scene selection (1/2/3/4, clockwise)

    How have you configured your gamepad?
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