In rain

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It's keep raining today and I can't get sleep.

so I draw a little fanart. :)


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    That's very good!
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    That's so cute! I love it!
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    I originally made this account just to get bugfixes (hence the name) but I just have to post about this picture. Since this thread is already older than various products by Bosco and it was your only post, just as this one will probably be mine, chances are that you'll never see (or fully understand seeing as you're Korean) this comment. Also, I apologize that I did some internet detective work to find your blog. I really wanted to see more of your art! You should definitely post more! (For those that share my interest I will point you in the right direction. Do an image search in Google using their image)

    The reason I love this picture is because it depicts the relationship between Sam & Max perfectly. It's not that much of a stretch to imagine this happening in-universe between the more heated moments yet it's not outright shipping and yet neither just depicting them as mere friends either. It hits their ambiguous friendship right on the money and gives you that fuzzy feeling on the inside.

    Art doesn't usually connect to me that much but this one did for some reason.
    And with that I fade back to anonymity on the streams of the internet.
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    Wow I really like your drawing style! I have to agree with bugfixes too, it sums up their bond so nicely in just 3 short panels, no words are needed to understand. Great work!
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