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Saints Row: The Third. What Sam & Max should be?

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If you've played Saints Row 3,and I know *I* have,you might have noticed some things. Like how cartoonish the violence can be,how nonsensical the story is sometimes,and how,with a little imagination,the whole thing can be turned into something altogether funnier.

Imagine,if you will,Sam & Max in a sandbox style city. They have the DeSoto to drive around in. They can go anywhere in the city they want to. Now imagine instead of a "weapon wheel",you have a "box o' stuff". Imagine going to a crime scene,going into "investigation mode" and looking over stuff in a point and click style hunt for clues. Imagine Max doing a take down on a suspect,cuffing him,and reading him his rights as best as Sam & Max can.

Sam: You have the right to remain silent.
Max: After we break your toes,we'll see if you have the *ability* to remain silent.

Oh,several things about game play would have to be reworked,yes,but the over the top game play style and the potential for wackiness is there. What do you guys think?
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  • Sam and Max in a sandbox like element seems like a neat idea, indeed.
  • Sweet idea! That'd be pretty awesome to play :D

    How bout some L.A. Noir Sam?
  • As I think about it,the more it seems like a good idea. You have the city,right? And it acts like a back drop to tons of stuff. You can reuse it over and over. And you can release cases as episodic content. Need a new location? Don't feel like driving? Just use the handy map to "auto drive" there and boom,there you go,new area. And you can add to and expand or change the city easily!

    Tons of things to do! Stop muggers and 2 bit robbers in exciting take downs,hostage situations,and car chases! Search for clues and helpful items at crime scenes,villain hideouts,and interrogations! Look for alternative means to defeat bad guys in humorous ways. Sure,you can pop a cap in someone's melon,but that's not gonna help you find out what the criminals are up to.

    In the end,you'd want non-skill oriented means to stop bad guys. For example,you could just shoot a hostage taker with a well placed head shot. Or you could use the megaphone and try to talk him down or out right bamboozle him. I think the idea has merit. :D
  • don't for get the insane weapons Marney time bigger than them and you got me
  • I don't see it to be honest the point and click style wouldn't make me want to spend 20+ hours in the world. An adventure game really needs a fairly linear plot because really the prospect of using items on other items to solve puzzles isn't that engaging on it's own.
  • The only thing i would add to the Sam & Max games, was more voilience like you see in the Sam & Max trailer by lucas arts, actully being able to see animations when you throw a safe on some burglar and stuff like that, maybe being able to do funny stuff to ordinary people just walking around.

    But again, telltales games have always lacked the animations that 2d games had, like when they fight conroy bumpus the whole getting into a big cloud of dust while fighting lee harvey.
  • Well,it helps if you've seen game play footage of SR3 to really get what I'm talking about. The game is very silly and over the top. The takedowns alone are reason to start thinking of action games in new ways. They're practically cartoon violence. And when you consider what all has been done with Arkham Batman games,well,it becomes clear that there's very little that can't be done these days.

    The point and click angle is for people who either don't like action games or just want to figure out a puzzle rather than just shoot a guy. And some enemies you can't beat with just a pull of the trigger. Take the Soda Poppers (please). They're simply too fast for you to shoot them. Which means catching them with your bare hands is right out too. So what do you do? You use your head and figure it out. And you do have to collect evidence and pick up necessary things to solve the crimes and riddles that plague our 2 adventurous adventurers.

    I think the idea has merit,tho. A little work and you can probably mod SR3 to run Season 1 with extra shooting action and comical beat downs.
  • Merlynn wrote: »
    In the end,you'd want non-skill oriented means to stop bad guys. For example,you could just shoot a hostage taker with a well placed head shot. Or you could use the megaphone and try to talk him down or out right bamboozle him. I think the idea has merit. :D

    This is the part of this idea I really have a problem with. See, if you notice in most open-world "solve this problem how ever you want" games, you've got a character that's basically designed to be molded into whatever you want him to be. That way, no matter how you want to play the game, it doesn't seem out of character, since your play style is the main thing defining the character. Want to shoot that guy? Go for it! Decided to spare him? No problem.

    When you start giving people a ton of options in a game like Sam & Max, where the main characters are so heavily established, you run the risk of them doing some really out-of-character things, which makes the game just feel off. I'm not saying it's not possible to make it work, but it seems to me like it could end in disaster for the personalities of these characters we know and love.

    That said, I've long wanted to see an open world game that made use of the standard "use this on this" adventure formula. I just think perhaps it's best left to a new franchise.
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