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Could KQ6 (High Res) ever be made to work with modern PCs?

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I love how GOG released all of the old KQ games--but one thing I dislike is how every KQ Collection after 1997 has released the low res version of KQ6 (and the DOS version of KQ5). The Hi Res version of KQ6 just improves an already great game, as does the Windows version of KQ5...I'm wondering, is there any way to get them compatible with modern PCs? Especially the Hi Res version of KQ6?
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  • It works with slightly different way in ScummVM. That is to say that ScummVM can open the assets, and allow you to play in hires mode. But some of the menus are different, and you get the color cursors instead of the B&W ones, IIRC.

    BTW, every collection has the windows version of KQ6, but just no installation options (GOG added the windows installation back, but unless you have an early version of windows its very difficult to actually use natively).

    Actually the windows version of KQ5 is slightly inferior to the DOS version... Black and White cursors instead of color, & it was buggier... There are no extras.
  • If you have a copy of Windows 3.1, you can install it into your DOSbox games directory and run it using DOSbox. Then you can install the Windows version of KQ6 and play it as if you actually had a PC from 1992!

    It's actually pretty cool. Far better in my opinion than using ScummVM to do it, as the menus and cursors are all in their original Windows forms (ScummVM imports the DOS cursors for some reason).
  • Well, the menus/inventory, etc are hires in KQ6 in ScummVM...

    Just the save and restore menus are different, switching into ScummVM menu system, rather than the classic Sierra save menus.

    But ya the cursors are the in color and low res rather than the black and white cursors from the windows version.

    Note menu bar is definitely the hires graphics (you'll get hires as far as the inventory and the control menus as well).

    Here is an example of the window's cursor for the old coins;

    You get this not so Sierra save/restore screen overlay though;

  • You can toggle between the cursors in the scummvm.ini file.
  • Can you get ScummVM to emulate the APPLE 2 colors when playing the Apple II sierra games?

    Orange instead of Violet skies on Kerona in Space Quest 1 for example?

    Or does it always just load the PC color palette?
  • No, but you can set the game colours to Amiga which are a little different. Not exactly the same as the Apple II though.
  • Too bad, part of the nostalgia in the Apple II is the different palette! LOL.

    It would be fun to be able to mess around be ablet o load all the various pallete choices from the various computers the games were released on back then, just to compare the differences!
  • I'm sure once the Apple II interpreter is properly integrated they'll offer the Apple II palette as well. Right now the sound doesn't even work right for the Apple II versions.
  • Download the latest daily beta build, the music works great! actually.
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    Keep in mind that the windows KQ6 (high res) is still highly a work in progress at ScummVM. Once the game is fully implemented it will have the original menus, cursors, etc.
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