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Jurassic Park III: The Game

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I know that a sequel to JP:TG has not yet been made and this is probably to early to say but I've got an idea for JPIII:TG. Any suggestions for it such as Plot, Dinosaurs, ECT. post it here.
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  • waroftheworlds01;563755 said:
    Jurassic Park 3 isn't as bad as a lot make it out to be. It's a very entertaining adventure film. I understand the story isn't the most original. And I would have loved something more along the lines of what they did in The Lost World novel. But overall it was a fun movie.
    i enjoyed the film, but its my least favorite of the series. I didn't like how it was just a fun movie, the reason i enjoyed the first film is because it has some issues with genetic cloning and all that stuff, (and i love the novel more because it goes more in depth with what we should and shouldn't do with science and stuff like that) JP III was more of just a ride. don't get me wrong, JP III is an enjoyable movie, but it felt more of a action movie rather then a science fiction. i think thats why some people didn't like it as much. just my opinion.
  • all exept carnotaurus and add in brachiosaurus.
  • Hermes7282;562899 said:
    No! No! No! Not a game based on that awful awful movie!
    That thing was not a movie, god knows what was that thing.
    Published fan fiction maybe?:confused:

    I bloody hate it.
  • julesimanerd;564238 said:
    agreed, i think it should be a direct sequel to either the first film or second. similar to the game.
    I think it should be a reboot of the franchise and make it true to the Novels. Though a prequel of JP or TLW does sound cool.
  • TBH I would love to see a JP:TLW Noval based Film or Game. BTW the Film TLW got Nothing in common with the book.
  • Keevi;566099 said:
    TBH I would love to see a JP:TLW Noval based Film or Game. BTW the Film TLW got Nothing in common with the book.
    He's right. The Plots of the film and novel are different. In the end of the film, Isla Sorna becomes a nature preserve. In the novel, the Dinosaurs were dying from prions. I hope JP4 has a plot similar to TLW novel.
  • TP3D;562914 said:
    Nope, nope, we should all pretend that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to do with JP3 should be forgotten and never spoken of again.
    What this guy here says.
    JP3 it's just a fanfiction by Joe Jhonston made into film. We all should just forget that awful mediocre movie.

    If they ever make a new JP movie then it should be a reboot of the 3rth wannabe film.
  • I wanna play Paul Kirby:
    "When That Tricycloplots Attacks You, Don't Come Crying to Me!"
  • I dont get why all the hate on JP3 i though it was an enjoyable movie, and (along with both other JP movies) have watched it over and over again more than 20 times and i still like it. Just because it was different doesn't mean it was completely bad and a game would be awesome specially with the spinosaurus, maybe they could have about what happens after the movie, maybe when the navy and soldiers pop in they are sent to scout the area, fixing upon certain characters.

    These soldiers go out and a group goes back and they all start departing leaving behind a last group for further inspection. While the last group is searching the area for any survivors of the kind they leave another soldier in the boat. While they are in the jungle they hear gunshots and run back only to find their comrade torn to pieces, completely setting the scene for a new dinosaur to be introduced (like troodon) and the boats controls and everything is destroyed, so they are stuck and try to call via a phone thing but they are ambushed by velociraptors and end up loosing them or breaking them while they run for their lives and they loose their guns after they have to jump into the water where the dinosaurs won't follow them. then they decide to go look for the facility to see if something there could work like the radio used in JP:TLW movie but slowly they start getting killed and when they find the facility they are attacked by the spinosaurus and you have to either outrun or outsmart it resulting in it running away after feeling footsteps (which could be the ending of one of the episodes, leaving it with water ripples on the spino footprint) and then a large Zhuchengtyrannus appears being the mystery dinosaur that not even InGen could classify because it was a dinosaur not yet discovered as fossils (which is now discovered) , and chases the people devouring one of them which had a radio. The people get away from it and run into the Pteranodon cage but are stuck because (as in the movie) the stairs and bridge thing fell and the Zhuchengtyrannus is still out there. U are given the choice of going against the Zhuchengtyrannus but you get eaten, then u have the option of staying where you are at until the dinosaur leaves but Pteranodons attack you so the only working option you get is try to find a way out through the other side so you have to jump and try to hitch a "ride" on incoming Pteranodons who eventually drop the characters into the water and you have to swim away from them and eventually you'll get away and head back to the facility and you have to fix some wires an stuff and the radio works and you call for help. Then you here the first guy's radio from before start playing and they run outside only to find the helicopter of mercenaries destroyed and Zhuchengtyrannus (mimicing the event in the movie with the phone) and then it chases you again eating another guy, until you run into the woods where troodons attack you and kill two of the men where the last two soldiers run away and hide on a tree and brachiosaurus' come in and the guys talk bout their families over in the U.S. and stuff. Then you attempt running back onto the facility but are attacked by the Zhuchengtyrannus once again but a Tyrannosaurus Rex appears being chased by a Spinosaurus and they 3 have a battlle that the two soldiers have to evade and once you call for help u actually get sent the whole army again and everyone leaves with the Zhuchengtyrannus killing the Spino and T- Rex and "Ground Zero" happens to Sorna.

    Yeah something along those lines.
  • i agree with raptor hunter
    I thought it was a great movie and with telltales awesome ability to make great games they could make a great game out of JP3!:D
    Don't hate on my favorite movie.:)
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